iOS 7 public release countdown starts


One of the best parts of the recent Apple event was hearing the public release date of iOS 7, the next major mobile operating system upgrade. It will be available from September 18, which is now less than a week away. The iOS 7 public release countdown has now started.

We’ve been keeping readers informed about iOS 7, which is a radical change from previous Apple mobile operating systems. It may take a while for some people to get used to it, although others will take to it straight away.

You may want to take a look at the countdown tool below so that you can count down the hours and minutes before the general release of iOS 7. Nobody knows exactly what time Apple will let iOS 7 go live, but we do know it will happen on September 18.

Last year, iOS 6 released shortly after 9am PDT, (12 noon EDT, or 5pm for UK), so our prediction is that it will release at about the same time this year. Therefore we’ve set the countdown for 9am PDT, as this is the closest we can come to a precise time for the iOS 7 release to the public.

The Gold Master iOS 7 is now in the hands of developers, which is the final build before it reaches the public. You may want to see details of the full changelog, and we’ve also shown a GM iOS 7 review video to give an idea of what you can expect. Hopefully the public release of iOS 7 will be very close to the time that we’ve forecast above.

In the meantime we’d be really interested to hear if you’re one of the many people avidly waiting to download iOS 7 on your existing Apple device? What are your expectations for iOS 7, and are you ready for the change? Let us know with your comments.


198 thoughts on “iOS 7 public release countdown starts”

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    Owen says:

    me neither. ive been waiting more than 4 months. I am wondering weather this time is right, maybe its just some guy who thinks that is is exactly right !

      1. Reply
        GAutham says:

        i never tried the beta 5 or 6. the last was beta 2. beta 2 really sucked on iphone 4 and had many problems like lagging and over heating( when i mean overheating, I MEAN I), it burnt my hand. so i went back to ios 6.1.3. then i thought gm would be better but in vain. the interface is gud, wallpapers r gud but on an iphone 4, it LAGS man! i hope apple really looks into this matter on the final release 17 later!

      1. Reply
        Rami says:

        LOL JJ !

        Tim darling, you don’t even need to read the whole article, just read the title, scroll down and you will see the countdown information!

        Gosh :s

  2. Reply
    Mr. E says:

    its the 18th for me now as i’m in China right now its hard to be ahead of everyone cause I have to wait extra I miss Living in Canada for this Reason lol Feels longer anyways

  3. Reply
    jack f says:

    check your phone at 12am (midnight) your time. TIME ZONE DOES NOT MATTER ios7 comes to all timezones at 12am (midnight) who is going to join me staying up all night for this? anyone.

  4. Reply
    Lily says:

    In Australia, its 6:32am on the 18th of September, but there is no update yet. I read some websites, for Aussies, apparently it’s coming out at either 1pm or 6pm today.

  5. Reply
    Ender says:

    Guys the countdown is for EVERYONE not for one specific city. Just because we all live in different time zones does not mean IOS7 will be released at different times.

  6. Reply
    mr stark says:

    it will be 7am when it is released in the uk time zone so different times for other countries but at the same time if that makes sense

  7. Reply
    melc says:

    this countdown tool now shows 5 hours left to ios 7 launch BUT 5 hours later it’ll be 00:00 in california. so the question is, will apple release it at 00:00 ? or 09:00 like ios 6 ?

  8. Reply
    melc says:

    “Last year, iOS 6 released shortly after 9am PDT, (12 noon EDT, or 5pm for UK), so our prediction is that it will release at about the same time this year. Therefore we’ve set the countdown for 9am PDT, as this is the closest we can come to a precise time for the iOS 7 release to the public.”

    No, the countdown tool is set to 00:00.

  9. Reply
    dannyboy#01 says:

    there is no definite telling when it will be released because apple hasn’t said the time. the countdown is just going based off of the exact time the 18 of sept. starts. nobody actually knows the time it is being released

    1. Reply
      Danny says:

      It’ll be released through the day 🙂 at least you’ll probably be one of the first people to get it and the servers won’t be shitty with you and make it take 5 hours just to download

  10. Reply
    ChrisDolmeth says:

    Calm your tits, Jeez… It will release today if they said that it will. Just no one knows what time. Get over it, dayum…

  11. Reply
    cheese says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! this information is fake!? 🙁 :'( !!!!!!!!!!!
    the timers done and ios 7 hasn’t come out yet!

    1. Reply
      andy says:

      Well looks bro to be honest i dont say its fake or correct, the time was just displaying how long until it reaches to 12am in san francisco 😛 but i dont know why this website even put it up but dont worry its coming out 7 hours 🙂

  12. Reply
    andy says:

    OMG hahaha you guys the time is just showing how many more minutes untill 12am in san san francisco apple, as i said IT WILL BE RELEASED SOON TODAY SO CALM DOWN AND JUST WAIT ALRIGHT, I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR FREAKING 3 MONTHS SO JUST RELAX GUYS!!! 🙂

  13. Reply
    andy says:

    The time is 5:40pm right now so 7-8 hours until 3am Thursday 19th in Australia it will be officially released MIDNIGHT !!!

  14. Reply
    andy says:

    Who ever owns this website, why display a time up when you said apple ios 7 release countdown and i knew you guys are trolling around just to make us feel so happy and quick.

  15. Reply
    andy says:

    if you put a time to display when it reaches to 12am that’s just useless, no point because all of us aren’t excited about your stupid trolling weird countdown when it reaches to 12am in san francisco, we care about ios 7 -.-

  16. Reply
    adrianclose says:

    countdown clock for ios not actually comparible with ios? so typical of the know it alls in society, who actually know nothing and spout nothing but rubbish at the best of times.

  17. Reply
    paladinkiller says:

    the download is alive!! im downloading it now through iphone!!! weee it’s 1am kuala lumpur times!! 30 min till ios 7

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