Samsung Galaxy S5 specs and design potential

The prospects of the Samsung Galaxy S5 specs and design is still under wraps and no one has any ideas what we can expect next year, there are rumors of this new smartphone releasing next year but until then all we have to go on are concept renderings.

Thanks to GalaxyS5info they have put together a fantastic photo gallery of what they would like the Samsung Galaxy S5 to look like, and what they believe the specs should be within.

Yes we have had the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and this was one of the most discussed Android phones over the last few months, but now this has been released next on the list is the Samsung Galaxy S5 and rumors/concepts are going to come in thick and fast. So lets take a look at the new Samsung Galaxy S5 concept idea from the source above.

There will be many questions arising about the Samsung Galaxy specs and design over the next few months, in reality this is just a concept and nothing more, but can you imagine if this were to become the real release. Lets take a look at what is possible.

Samsung Galaxy S5 specs possibility, gallery excitement pic 2

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs Possibility: 5.3-inch flexible OLED YOUM display featuring oloephobic coating, 3GB RAM, Android 4.4 KitKat OS, 2Ghz Exynos 5 Octa core CPU, 16MP camera on the rear with S vision optical image stabilization and Carl Zeiss lens, 2MP 720p cam on the front, the casing will be of the aluminium unibody sort as well as being waterproof and shockproof resistant, we also like the fact the possibility of a glowing touch sensor home button and quad surround speakers and a huge 3200mAh battery.

Just take a look at the photos we have included here, makes your eyes and mouth water. Have you stopped dribbling yet?

Samsung Galaxy S5 specs possibility, gallery excitement pic 3

This Samsung Galaxy S5 concept should become a reality because we love what has been thought off, for example a new innovative profile switch that allows users to customize settings under two options, which includes hybrid PowerSaver mode and max performance mode, the power save mode would allow users to get 50 percent more life.

Three storage option, which could include 32GB, 64GB and 128GB, this is all possible. At the moment the real specs are not known, but the ones we have mentioned here are ones we would welcome with open arms.

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S5 concept specs and design shown here?

Samsung Galaxy S5 specs possibility, gallery excitement pic 4

Samsung Galaxy S5 specs possibility, gallery excitement pic 5

Samsung Galaxy S5 specs possibility, gallery excitement pic 6

Samsung Galaxy S5 specs possibility, gallery excitement pic 7

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Samsung Galaxy S5 specs possibility, gallery excitement pic 1
  • Ray

    Freaking awesome… love it…

  • Jay

    This looks awesome!! If Samsung makes something like this, it’ll undoubtedly blast Apple out of the market.

    • Leng Hua

      Regardless, Apple will be blasted out of the market soon..As it is, S4 and Note 3 already are miles ahead of Apple..

  • gasher

    If Samsung produces this phone design quality I would 100% move from htc. I hate apple anyway just on principle.

    This design is awesome and as long as the hardware followed the design no brainer for me.

    • djinn123

      I hope the UI gets overhauled as well. I really really hate Touchwiz! Yuck

  • djinn123

    So how do you hold the phone without accidentally touching the side controls like the virtual volume rocker? I guess you have to disable it huh.

  • Valtheri

    What it does to be Galaxy S5 I will buy this. I’m waiting for.

  • raygwap

    Looks more like the next HTC one then a SG5

  • Franky Babylon

    Oh wow is that the new HTC ONE?

  • Karen Del’Marmol

    Ahhh! Can’t wait for this – Me.Want.Now. :)

  • last

    It is similar to HTC one,why dont samsung fans try something new

  • Ludo

    Looks like HTC one, but already know its gonna be better

  • michael

    My experience says this is a more distant futuristic model hardly a S5.

  • Matt

    They coukdnt improve their product so they copied the HTC ONE and used that platform instead of their own design. No doubt it will be an awesome phone as long as they don’t keep their track record of bugs and glitches, but that doesn’t change the fact they used someone else’s design as a base for their “new” product. That would be like ford taking a camaro, change a few things but keep the same general look then badge it as a mustang.

  • Suss

    I agree to Galaxy5info of what they would like the coming SGS v to look like and its’ spec but I prefer it should have at least 5.5″ on screen

  • sam

    ANOTHER GARBAGE PHONE RELEASED BY APPLE called iPhone 5s ,nothing new, same device different name what a joke by apple

  • anonymous

    again the animation looks a lot like ios7, hope the UI looks different

  • StockStalker1

    As someone who owns an S3 and S4, if the S5 doesn’t have a removable battery then I won’t be purchasing it.

  • alihaider

    excellent s5 this shape will be dashing

  • Ron

    Will the Samsung S5 will have 3D this time, and will the cell you voice and language with the s voice….

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