HTC One Tigon is the killer smartphone

Say hello to the new HTC One Tigon running Android 4.4, this is by far the killer smartphone that would give any other handset a run for its money.

The HTC One Tigon is a stunning smartphone, it’s a shame it is only a concept, but can you just imagine this going into production and then sitting nicely in your hands in the near future – anything is possibly so never say never.

This is one of the best designs we have seen for a new HTC smartphone, but then it would be considering it is a creation by none other than Hasan Kaymak via Hasan Kaymak Innovations, please visit his Google+ page for more inspiration.

HTC One Tigon smartphone is the killer concept pic 2

Now lets get back to the HTC One Tigon, the specs are said to include Android 4.4 KitKat, Octa core processor will be on board along with a SLCD4 display, and battery life will be long thanks to the 4650 mAh within. The volume up and down buttons will also provide different camera operations; it also comes with a 5MP front-facing camera with UltraHD video recording.

There are no touch buttons because the HTC logo on the front allows users to use different gestures, other features include Human Eye camera, 2 LEDs, fully customizable where you can change back cover, battery and frame.

We are not going to say anymore, please watch the video below and see if you fall in love with the HTC One Tigon. Would you love to own the HTC One Tigon?

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HTC One Tigon smartphone is the killer concept

  • Jeff

    All phones should charge from the bottom. My Evo Lte was a side charge and a hassle to use while talking. My One is great with the port on the bottom.

  • keron

    Yeah this phone is pretty sick just put the charging port inn the bottom and I’ll def buy it

  • esso

    A heaven for a real photo button – not the touch version!

  • J- R.o.c.

    Yes I would buy et. This phone is awesome by design & so far specs. Since it has 5mp FF what is the rear camera size? So much to go with this phone not to mention the display size which hasn’t been mentioned as well. So I wanna know all this phone’s SPECs before I buy & hopefully Verizon gets it in the future!!

  • Hell Yeah

    Shut up and take my money!!!

  • HTC_quietly_brilliant

    great phone ! HTC is the best !

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