iOS 7.0.4 problems as iOS 7.1 gets closer to release

There has been a lot of news recently concerning a couple of firmware updates that have been pulled due to issues on the Android platform, but these types of bugs are not exclusive to Android as the iOS 7.0.4 problems continue as iOS 7.1 gets closer to release.

Soon after iOS 7.0.4 was released we reported on a couple of issues that were found but now problems have become more widespread with some issues continuing from the previous version of the mobile software.

It is being reported by GottaBe Mobile that a number of iPhone users are complaining about poor battery life along with other reports of having trouble connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Some users have been complaining that they can’t sign into their network despite entering the correct passwords, and this only become a problem since the latest iOS update.

As we reported previously the iPhone can be rather sluggish especially older models, and even the iPhone 5S is not immune from the problems as reports of random reboots have been reported on a number of units on different carriers.

This news comes as Apple has now sent out the first beta of iOS 7.1 to developers as the company looks to provide a solution to the bugs that have been affecting the software. There doesn’t seem to be any major changes with the operating system and hopefully it will address the problems that have been affecting users without creating any new ones.

Have you had problems since downloading iOS 7.0.4?

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iOS 7.0.4 problems as iOS 7.1 gets closer to release
  • Alex

    It seems that these problems only worsen! apple keeps coming with all these minor updates and nothing seems to be working! They gonna have to do a better job or get Steve Jobs out of his grave to fix the problem!

  • Hammad

    These guys really need to work on permanent solution rather releasing these joking updates every other week — what is apple doing

  • Hammad

    this is so notorious , i am unable to log on to my games — they are asking for consistence updates —- this is F–king Sh-t

  • Zest

    Major loss of battery power, ios 7.0.4 seems to drain the battery somehow.

  • HJL

    Since 7.0.4 I am no longer able to rotate the screen and even the car driving games are stuck – steering wheel no longer works. Is this a software issue?

    • Hahahahhahahahhahha

      Slide up on the bottom of the screen to get the dashboard up then find if the disable oration has been touched

  • Treb

    I cant even turn my 5s on at all. Second trio to the apple store

  • Jimmy

    This is bullshit, where is Steven jobs, the hare turning his apple into a peach.

  • Mars

    I have an iPod touch 5 and it randomly reboots. The battery life has significantly decreased since updating.

  • Barry Vallon

    Since I’ve updated to 7.0.4, I have experienced lagging, reboots, and glitches. They’re not frequent, but I do notice it when they happen. I’ve experienced a glitch while in my messages. I opened a text to look at a picture, and once I was through, I tried to go back to the original message, and the title would slide away as if it were going back, but the message never went back. It was stuck. Had to close out the app, which isn’t that big of a deal, just shouldn’t be necessary to function. Also, Saturday night, I experienced the first reboot, probably since the BETA testing back a few of months ago. Again, not a huge deal, because like always, it comes back on within less than 30 seconds. Just not something that should be happening four updates into iOS 7.

  • Rik Vickers

    is this a fix for carriers to get more 4g out of us ? since updating to 7.0.4 i am unable to connect to my wifi my i-pads and mac are fine come on Apple get a grip….

  • Terry777777

    Since updating to 7.0.4 my TV won’t turn on and my ceiling fan us spinning out of control. I miss Steve Jobs !

  • Tim

    My iPad 3 -now with IOS 7.0.4 – has the same crashing when downloading from iTunes problems it has had since I put IOS 7.0.2 on it. If IOS 7 is not compatible with older iPads and iPhones, Apple should say so and let us go back to IOS 6 which I was ok with.

  • Radiokilerjc

    5s here. Battery life cut in half. Very unhappy

    • Diz13oymike

      Same here…. Smh

  • Stallance

    My 4S had its wi-fi completely disabled by IOS7 (the opinion of the ‘genius’ at my local Apple Store as well as my own). The phone was under warranty and exchanged – although I’m not convinced it isn’t going to happen again if they don’t fix this issue.

  • Sam

    My 4S is not getting carrier signal since the last update 7.0.4. Top left corner shows Searching……… continuously.

  • Haylo

    Apple suggested I pay them nearly $300 for a replacement phone…. ummmm no thanks, I didn’t break my phone, your stupid update did.

  • Elmir

    Je li netko može pomoći kao što sam ja više ne instalirate 704 mrežu na mobitelu samo navodi da nemaju Mrežni usluge

  • elmir

    Is someone can help as I have no more installing 704 network to mobiles only states that do not have mains services

  • Tony

    1. Can’t change the cellular options for each individual apps as before the update. Now apps have their cellular option turned on and stays on.

    2. Can’t upload songs into my iPhone 4. The only way is to completely erase my phone to brand new. No way in hell!

    3. WiFi is slow. Never had a problem about speed until the update. Don’t waste my time on the excuse that they’re maybe some apps playing in the background. This isn’t my first smartphone… ever.

    I’ll take every update now as an attack of my enjoyment of owning an iPhone.

  • bala sunil kumar dontula

    i have signal problem with ios 7.0.4 in iphone 5, after updating this iam having problems continuosly with no signal when i am in emergency, the carrier i am using is airtel.

  • Bob Guam

    Just updated a Iphone 4s to 7.0.4. Lost the phone function. Still have contacts and recent calls. Keeps searching endlessly for cellular connection. Tried removing and reinstalling sim card ,as well as, reseting network settings. Everything worked fine before the update. Any ideas? Thanks 2/10/2014

    • Bob Guam

      I found out the problem. The cellular company is not set up for the new cellular code on the new update. They wanted to erase all data and reset the phone to a previous version. Then put in a special simm that will allow the update, but not the cellular update. They said Apples update was no good. I plugged another carriers simm card and it worked fine. Thanks 2/12/2014

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