Galaxy S3 default keyboard problem fixed with Android 4.3


Over the last month or so owners of some Samsung flagship handsets have been downloading a new version of the operating system only to be met with various issues, but this is now being put right and the Galaxy S3 default keyboard problem has been fixed with the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update.

Yesterday we updated our unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the Android 4.3 operating system, and so far the new firmware seems to be working correctly although battery life doesn’t seem quite as good as before but nowhere near as bad as what those that installed the previous bug riddled version experienced.

Like many other owners of the device I have a keyboard app installed on the handset and I turn the device off last thing at night, but every time the handset is booted back up again first thing in the morning the device would revert to the default Samsung keyboard.

Strangely this only happened if I had the SwiftKey app or another third party app installed on the device, while the free Google Keyboard was never replaced with a reboot. Now though since the update and trying with a couple of apps that also included the iKnowU app and Swype, the device doesn’t revert back to the Samsung keyboard after a reboot.

While it only took a second to re-enable a keyboard app it was still an annoying thing to have to do each morning.

Have you found this after the update?


23 thoughts on “Galaxy S3 default keyboard problem fixed with Android 4.3”

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    Aman Jain says:

    When is it coming to India?? Cmon guys somebody please reply with some positive news its been a heck of a time now..

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      Sebilion says:

      Unfortunately I have no good news for you. It’s not only in India, I am in UK on 3uk and still I haven’t got an 4.3 update

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    Jessica says:

    Is anybody having other difficulties? I just updated mine yesterday. and since then, my phone keeps giving me notifications of items that have downloaded, but when I go to click on them, it tells me ‘file not found’. and when I clear my notifications, they come back after some time. I’m about to chuck my phone at the wall. I’ve tried restarting it and pulling out the battery. I even uninstalled some apps that i thought were causing trouble. Please help!

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      Alan Rowberg says:

      I had the same problem and found a fix posted on phonesreview thread from a month ago.

      Go to Apps and click on the Download App. Then select Other Downloads and you will see the offending files. Clear them all.

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        Vladan says:

        Oh please explain this process. Do you actually made this problem a problem with the keyboard on the Samsung S3 and not a keyboard 3 * 4 what it was please explain so that we solve the problem. thank you

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    David says:

    Im not liking going back to the QWERTY keyboard, as before, i had an option of a couple of different keyboards for messaging, but not now, its a choice of Voice, Stencil or QWERTY, im not happy with the new update at all.

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    Debbie Booth says:

    I HATE only being able to use the QWERTY keyboard and I wish I’d never downloaded the new operating system. If I’d wanted a Blackberry I’d have got one. NOT HAPPY Samsung 🙁

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    Tracey Austin says:

    what has happened to the 4×3 keyboard option?? I like many others am not impressed with only having the option to use the qwerty keyboard, please get it sorted

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    Dave says:

    I did the update but now i can’t use the keyboard as it says the samsung keyboard has stopped working. I have done a full reset and still not working. Any ideas, I basically can’t use the phone now!

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    terry smith says:

    I want the old 3×4 keybord back or i will publisise samsug
    Every where. I have had enough now. Sort it now

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    C-ris Shakya says:

    just updated today and still having problem with keyboard its like not working..
    can anybody help to reset s3 to earlier version

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    aku karLos says:


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    Vladan says:

    I have a Samsung S3 I9300 do not know how to get it back to the settings where they will be able to turn on the keypad 3 * 4 if anyone knows I’d be grateful to describe the entire process of admission and if there is a link to tell us that in order to solve this major problem . thanks in advance regards.

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