HTC One Android 4.4.2 to bring Sense update

HTC has been pretty good recently updating its flagship handset to later versions of the Android operating system while also keeping owners in the loop about future plans, and the HTC One Android 4.4.2 KitKat software is set to bring a Sense update.

We have heard how the company has promised to have the HTC One updated to the latest version of the Android operating system by the end of January, and this process has already started for unlocked versions of the smartphone which brought with it the HTC Sense 5.5 overlay.

While the Verizon version of the handset has only just begun to receive Android 4.3 Jelly Bean other US versions of the handset are still on course to get a taste of KitKat as originally planned. Now HTC insider LlabTooFeR, who recently provided a list of a number of HTC handsets down to receive Android 4.4, has revealed that European versions of the handset will be getting the same update.

He also stated that the company are currently testing the Android 4.4.2 firmware with a new version of the HTC Sense Android skin. Samsung could take a leaf out of HTC’s book and provide more information about future firmware updates which has been left to carriers to provide release date timeframes for the KitKat update.

Are you looking forward to seeing KitKat on your HTC One?

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HTC One Android 4.4.2 to bring Sense update
  • Anil Kumar Bandlamudi

    all this is publicity stunct. please guys dont trust their ads. they ignored asia region for all updates. I am using 4.2.2 android, but they are saying 4.4 kitkat.

    • marwan ronaldo

      iam from egypt and iam now 4.3 and i sure that i will get 4.4.2 soon

    • JasonT

      You are right, they lie and take forever to give the international unlocked phones the updates.

    • Ding Dong

      I am in KSA and I got the 4.3 update very quickly as I always had in the past (since 2011 with my Desire S). I don’t know what happened in your case. Samsung on the other hand, is very very poor with their updates here. Their updates arrived here very late probably the last priority. I bought an expensive tablet of Samsung (7.7) and I never got an update for that product so far.

  • marwan ronaldo

    sure iam looking for 4.4.2 on my htc one <3

  • Ricardo Neves

    LlabTooFeR was talking about the M8, not the M7!

  • Arman

    muahaha i already have 4.4.2 on my Rogers htc one phone. (had to turn it into google play edition)


      I prefer sense to stock though so I’ll wait.

    • M.D.

      How to put into google play edition..?

  • exclamationpoint

    Hey, I’m from Puerto Rico and my One has the 4.3 OS running. Would LOVE to have the 4.4 … and if it’s 4.4.2, that’s even better. Patiently waiting.

  • ChoCho De

    Strongly hope the coming update can fix my camera purple tint.

    • harry

      It’s a hardware problem .. I had it too .got my camera replacement from service center

      • ChoCho De

        I got the purple tint after the 4.3 upgrade, too bad if I need to send it back to service center :(

        • Thoomaas

          Hey there! All your hardware-problem could be solved by a small set in the settings!

          Go to your camera, goto ISO and set the value to max. 800! It’s just a coloured image-noise. Test it!

          Maybe in one cases there are really hardware issues! Just test it, you cant lose anything. :)

          • Renan Richard Ribeiro

            max iso is 1600,

  • Zero

    You have to change camera module cuz it is hardware problem not software.Cuz in my country they let us change and it worked.

  • Brian Breedlove

    Camera being purple is hardware. Yeah playing with settings can help but ya need a new device. I got another HTC one to fix my camera and some radio signals.

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