Nokia X availability set to disappoint some


A couple of days ago following months of rumours and leaks Nokia introduced to the world its first Android based handsets, and while the information about the devices is being digested it has come to light that the Nokia X availability is set to disappoint some potential customers.

When the Nokia X, X+, and Nokia XL were officially announced the company provided some information about when the handsets will be available and for what price. A number of countries were mentioned that covered most areas of the world but it has emerged that there are some surprising exceptions.

The handsets won’t be seen in the US, Japan, South Korea, and Canada and this information come straight from the company’s VP for Mobile Phone marketing, Jussi Nevanlinna.

There may be the chance to purchase the devices from some other third party resellers that will import the devices, but it is surprising that the company is not looking to make the range available to as many consumers as possible.

To recap the Nokia X that has started to be made available only costs €89, while the Nokia X+ is €99 and the Nokia XL will sell for €109 once it is made available.

Are you disappointed with this news?

Source: Nokia.

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