HTC M8 One successor now appears for Verizon


The arrival of the HTC One successor, currently codenamed the HTC M8, is drawing closer, and many people are waiting to see exactly what the new smartphone will offer. Leaks and speculation about the device has been rife and now a new leaked image has appeared, this time of the HTC One M8 in Verizon branding.

The eventual name of the HTC One follow-up flagship is still not clear and apart from the HTC M8 it has also been dubbed the HTC One 2 and more recently The All New One. Another leaked image of the handset emerged a couple of days ago, with the source saying that the phone is slimmer than the current HTC One.

Further to this just yesterday we showed another leaked image of the phone with AT&T branding, which wasn’t exactly surprising as we had previously seen the device show up at the FCC and noted to have AT&T LTE compatibility. Now the latest leaked image from the prolific and mostly reliable leaker @evleaks, shows the HTC M8 with the familiar Verizon 4G LTE logo.

The previous image of the AT&T version of the handset showed it in a silver color but the Verizon model shown is of a dark gray color. We expect that both carriers will offer various colors of the handset though, and it also seems likely that T-Mobile and Sprint will be offering the HTC M8. We also recently heard news that implied that the phone will have expandable storage.

The HTC One successor is expected to be officially unveiled at an HTC event on March 25, and hopefully will release to a waiting public shortly afterwards. In the meantime we’d like to know if you are already considering the HTC M8 as your next smartphone purchase? Why not let us know by sending us your comments.


16 thoughts on “HTC M8 One successor now appears for Verizon”

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    Tyke says:

    I’ll never buy another sealed battery phone again, as one battery runs low it’s replaced with a fully charged spare, shame, there’s some great phones out there. Samsung for me folks.

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    whathappenedhtc says:

    Not buying another HTC until they come with a better camera. Ultra pixel is a joke. I will put sense on a Samsung phone before buying another HTC with that 4mp ( crappy) camera

    1. Reply
      lacima44 says:

      Well I feel the same way about the Camera ;/ I returned my HTC ONE because of the purple tint pictures:/ I hope this HTC M8 is better … ?

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    @RSDMad says:

    Love the HTC One. It’s good enough to last me one more year. I would definitelybbuy another one. The camera uses ultra pixels instead of megapixel which is different. Fast though. The storage expandability of this new version will be nice. My wife’s Samsung S4 has that. We both like the HTC a little better.

    1. Reply
      whathappenedhtc says:

      Actually there’s no such thing as ultra pixels, it’s a 4 megapixel camera with a larger aperture. The name ultra pixel is an HTC trick on words 😞

      1. Reply
        @RSDMad says:

        You may want to tell CNET that. Ultrapixel is actually NOT megapixels according to the folks at that site.

        1. Reply
          Appu Mathew says:

          Ultrapixels = Megapixels = Pixels. 1ultrapixel size > 1 megapixel size. Same area of sensor therefore can have more mega pixels as it’s size is smaller,consequently giving more details in the picture. But bigger pixel can contain more light for the same exposure and give cleaner images in low light. I would go for an Ultra pixel sensor ifor better low light image quality , while I would go for megapixel sensor if I want to display my images on a large screen, photoshop/crop them or print them out.

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    Mark says:

    I wish all this damn carrier branding would stop!! Takes away from the beauty of the phones. We all don’t need to know or be reminded about who we pay for service.

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    lacima44 says:

    Yes I’m waiting for the HTC M8 … hoping this time it has a better Camera … I returned my HTC ONE because of purple tint on all my pictures :/ … and I paid retail price for my HTC ONE ;/ … another new feature I like about the HTC M8 is the Expandable Storage :] One thing I’m not going to like about the HTC M8 is the Audio Jack on the phone, I heard is going to be at the bottom of the HTC M8 cell phone:/ bad for me because I use the audio jack opening to plug in my soft Stylish on top of the phone … Is going to be funny at the bottom Lol Love HTC ♥

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    ben moliere says:

    This leaked image is of course a poor rendering, the bezel on the right side is more than the left side. This time the bottom speaker is adjusted in the right place. The previous ones black leaked pictures, the speaker on the bottom front facing was all way down almost to the edge of the bottom. We will only know when march 25 comes out.I have a feeling we will get more than expected.

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    RuneChemist says:

    I have been waiting patiently for this smartphone and it is a good thing it is only a month from release because I managed to brick my phone yesterday.

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