Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy Note 3, advantages shown

If you’re interested in Samsung devices you will already know that the Galaxy S5 was officially launched last week, with a release due in April. This will be another dominant Android smartphone and this new flagship may well find itself up against another Samsung device, the Galaxy Note 3. Today we want to share a video of the Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Galaxy Note 3, which clearly shows the advantages of each over the other.

Plenty of Samsung enthusiasts, or other Android device fans, may be trying to make a choice between the new Galaxy S5 and the company’s flagship phablet the Galaxy Note 3. You can see specs of the upcoming Galaxy S5 here or look here for our many other articles on the phone since the unveiling. Alternatively for Galaxy Note 3 information head here.

The display of the Galaxy S5 is slightly larger than that of last year’s Galaxy S4 at 5.1-inches instead of 5.0-inches, and so is not actually too far off the 5.7-inch screen size of the Galaxy Note 3. Both of them have an impressive array of specs and features.

However, instead of having to trawl through all of their respective capabilities, it can be more useful to focus on the aspects most important to you when trying to determine which one will suit you best. That’s where the YouTube video that we’ve embedded beneath this story may help out, as it highlights the strongest points of each against the other.

It begins by showing the advantages of the Galaxy S5 first, listing 11 aspects in total. Just a few of these are water resistance, the fingerprint sensor, improved auto focus, and easier one-handed use. The second part of the video concentrates on the benefits of the Galaxy Note 3, with 5 aspects shown such as the S Pen stylus, larger battery and larger display.

We haven’t listed every indicator as you can see them all when viewing the comparison below. We feel this is a really useful video for underlining the best factors of each of these handsets, but we’d like to know what you think.

Are you considering purchasing one of these Samsung handsets? Will your choice be the new Galaxy S5 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Drop us a comment in the box below to let us know your pick.

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samsung galaxy s5 vs galaxy note 3

  • Jason McGoff

    Switched from the S4 to the Note 3 because I got bored with the S4. Nothing got me excited about the S5 at the unpacked event in Spain. I will definitely be waiting for the Note 4.

    • EnglishRose

      Exactly the same as what i did. I hated the shiny back the rounded corners the whole experience of the s4. It was an option between a note 3 or nexus. I chose the note 3 and definitely made the right choice. This is the best phone I’ve had and nothing as come close. The only thing i will getting rid of this for is for the note 4… Amazing invention from Samsung.

  • Jimmy Drew

    Have to go with the rest. The Note 3 is the most awesome phone I have owned. Yes, the S5 is nice and some nice features but nothing to blow the Note 3 out of the water. I will wait and see if the Note 4 has some real advantages. I keep my phone in a case so the water resistance makes no difference. A heart monitor…don’t even want that on my phone. Some young folks might though, I can see that. Yes, I want a better camera . The Note 3 is great but I would like to see 16 MP and increased focus speed. Maybe the Note 4 will bring some great improvements such as even better battery life or wireless charging. Give me a more powerful camera and wireless charging and I will buy the Note 4. I don’t want to give up the large size nor the sylus. Oh BTW Samsun, don’t go any larger. 5.7 is perfect with saphire glass… we are ready to rumble!!!

    • Anon

      Don’t know if your talking about built in wireless charging but you can buy a wireless charging back cover for the note 3. I have it on mine and it works flawlessly.

      • Jimmy Drew

        Would love to know what it is Anon. The only one I’ve seen comes with a battery and it won’t fit in my Otterbox case….it is larger… if you would let me know if it will work with your case… and what it is… and thanks.


    I changed as many as 20 handsets to date from the year 2001.i swear no other handset including Apple iphone come close to NOTE 3!
    It’s AWESOME,MIND BLOWING n THE BEST in many aspects,especially the size of the screen drives one mad! I think will not consider a change for next 3 years despite iphone6/note4 or even upto 10 sequence ahead.

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