Bro app making waves for Android, coming to iOS

Every now and then an app arrives on the scene that really makes waves, and one such example of this is the BroApp. The app was developed with the aim of allowing boyfriends to send pre-programmed texts to their girlfriends. The Bro app recently arrived on Google Play and is also coming to the iOS platform soon for iPhone and iPad users.

The BroApp was developed by Factorial Products and the brainwave behind the idea came from two Australian men who say they wanted to make their girlfriends feel adored. If you’re a busy guy always on the go, this sounds like a great way of making sure your other half doesn’t feel neglected.

However, while some women might feel pampered from afar and appreciate the apparent intention behind the app, others might say it’s just pure laziness. The more cynical might also point to the idea that this could even be used to deceive, with the guys up to all sorts of mischief while the girlfriend thinks he’s at home doing nothing!

This app is exceedingly clever though, with built-in safety measures to avoid an embarrassing moment. For example, if the app recognizes that the boyfriend is logged on to a girlfriend’s home Wi-Fi network, it won’t send a pre-programmed app. As well as this, if it detects that a boyfriend and girlfriend have texted or called each other in the last hour, it will also cancel an automated scheduled message.

If you want to see more about the BroApp or download it then head to Google Play here. The price of the app is $1.99 /£1.49 and it’s compatible with devices running Android 4.0 or later. At the moment this sounds like a case of looking after the boys, but the app’s creators also say they are considering an alternative of the app for girlfriends to use.

We’re intrigued to know what readers feel about the idea behind the BroApp. If you were on the receiving end of these automated messages would it make you feel loved and cherished? Maybe you think it’s just a way of covering tracks while the guy is out with his mates? Let us know by sending in your comments.

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Bro App making waves for Android
  • Bordeauxm

    Sounds very similar to the dumb@ss app.

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