New HTC One 2014 retail listing gives price, specs


The upcoming flagship smartphone from HTC hasn’t exactly been kept a secret over the last few months with various images and claims about the handsets features. Now a new HTC One M8 2014 retail listing has appeared from a reputable company that reveals the price and specs of the handset.

Over the last few days we have seen images of the handset from both AT&T and Verizon carriers in the US, but now a well respected retailer in the UK has listed the handset along with the specifications and asking price.

Mobile Fun has the handset up on its website all be it with one of the leaked images from evleaks, and the All New HTC One has an unlocked asking price of £579.99. This is £20 cheaper than the unlocked price that was being asked for the Samsung Galaxy S5 recently.

The handset is listed to have a 5-inch Full HD touchscreen display powered by the quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor running at a clock speed of 2.3GHz. It also states that the device has dual 5-megapixel cameras so you would assume that this is for the twin rear facing cameras, and that they are of the UltraPixel variety.

There is also HTC BoomSound, GPS, NFC, and Wi-Fi listed along with a so called refined design for improved results. Recently we heard about claims from a source that the device is slimmer and a lot quicker than the current model, and in 23 days we will know for sure with the official unveiling.

Would you pay this much for the All New One?


4 thoughts on “New HTC One 2014 retail listing gives price, specs”

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    svenskhusmafia says:

    I have the current HTC one, and its probably the best phone I’ve ever had, beating my previous android (sgs3) hands down. But if the image of the m8 is accurate, I’m a bit disappointed. It looks awful with those rounded edges and small screen real-estate. The screen should cover almost all of the front, minus the speakers ofc.

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      Frettfreak says:

      I am in the same boat. Love my one. Best phone ever by a good distance imo. But like you said this is pretty disappointing. For me it’s the disrespect from HTC to literally waste. 25″ of real estate for their fn logo. In the old one it was understandable because it also house the nav buttons. But if rumours are true it now has onscreen buttons. There is NO need for all that wasted space. It will be either this (the phone was already on the larger side for its screen size) or the camera that stops me from getting it. Will wait for final judgment but at the moment it’s looking like I am moving to the dark side… S5

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    Tom Secreto says:

    I agree it will be hard to come off my existing one. I suggest that HTC come out with an updated version of the existing one only up the spec’s. Low cost to do and with things like “Spark” (Sprint) support, faster CPU and address some of the complaints being voiced they can increase sales lower cost and stay on top. There is no need to be a me too with a new high end model. We keep our accessories and keep what we love, the one is hard to beat even now!

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