LG G2 gets 4K Video via XDA modding community


As you may know the LG G Pro 2 will come with 4K video recording out of the box, but what about its little brother?

I spoke to officials from LG at the Mobile World Congress last week and was told that it was doubtful the G2 would get 4K recording due to the needing 3GB of RAM, the strange thing is that the LG G Flex will be getting such an update with only 2GB.

Low and behold the LG G2 has been given 4K video as well as 120fps slow motion video via the Android modding community on XDA Developers.

Both XDA Developers Jishnu Sur™ and xdabbeb have both ported over the functions from the LG G Pro 2 camera software and it all seems to be working perfectly.

No word on if LG will change their mind and give the G2 an official 4K update, only time will tell on that one.

Source - Xdabbeb’s Camera & Jishnu’s Cameraâ„¢


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