GooPhone strikes again with HTC M8 clone


Those crazy folks over in Asia have done it again, we’ve seen GooPhone clone other popular handsets in the past such as the iPhone 5, 5C, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and now today they’ve announced the GooPhone M8 also known as The All New HTC One that will be announced later this month.

Just how they’ve managed to clone the device before its official launch is a bit of a mystery but then again after all the leaks for the M8 its not hard to see how this has been done so soon.

Here is what $229.99 will get you

  • Full HD display at 5-inches
  • MediaTek Octa-Core CPU
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 16GB of onboard storage with a microSD card slot and Android 4.2 (with Google Play),
  • 12.6-megapixel rear-facing shooter and a 5-megapixel shooter round front.
  • Colour options are Gold, Silver or Black.

goophone m8

We expect the real HTC M8 to offer much more in terms of power and options, but for $229.99 it doesn’t sound half bad!

What are your thoughts on these clone phones?

Source: GooPhone


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2 thoughts on “GooPhone strikes again with HTC M8 clone”

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    James Grall says:

    Hahaha.. Good stuff right here. Goophone is at it again. Probably gonna get one … Just because.

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