Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.4 update reaches UK

Like any new firmware update on the Android platform it can take quite a while to reach all regions and end users, which can sometimes be down to individual carriers holding the new software up. We now have news that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.4.2 KitKat update reaches the UK.

It has been a couple of months now since Samsung started rolling out the new KitKat version of the Android operating system to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and today we have news via a friend of the site that the update is now available in the UK.

Our source is the owner of an unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 so carrier versions of the device in the country may have to wait a bit longer. The update is bringing a number of changes to the handset that includes improved performance with a restyled lock screen along with a new version of the Samsung keyboard.

The update can be download via the Samsung KIES app while users can check for it manually by Settings > More> About Device> Software update.

Has your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 received Android 4.4.2 KitKat yet?

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Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.4 update reaches UK
  • mark

    same here, finally. unbranded Note 3 (UK)

    • mark

      downloaded, installed and all ok. almost no visible changes that I can see. Just the notification bar and printer feature added in the settings

  • android lover

    Mine is downloading as we speak great news

  • Lovecroc

    I received a notification via the OTA update and i have not downloaded it yet. Please could anyone let me know if it downloads and works ok? Cheers,

    • wiesner8

      It is a good download just be patient as it downloads! as the download can take a while I think I was one of the first to download the update this morning around 6.30am I checked for updates at around 1.30am and the update was not available at that time.
      I posted a load of comments around the web on twitter and techradar and a few other tech sites the firmware is good and works quite well I found the battery takes a bit longer to charge but other than that it’s good and works well im using SM-N9005

  • Zini

    Downloaded Kitkat this morning, since then I have rebooted my Note III at least 6 times because it keeps freezing. I am not so confident with Android any longer, My next upgrade, I am going back to Apple!

    • Chris

      I feel the same way. I personally prefer the notes hardware but miss the refinement of ios

  • Roger Spackman

    Downloading as we speak, VERY slow download.

  • Roger Spackman

    Installation ran smoothly although the download was shockingly slow (probably from heavy demand), some software crashed on initial reboot, but they worked fine after automatic updates from Google Play Store. (unbranded model)

  • bcd

    Did a reinstall on my phone a few days back and noticed a few changes. Camera icon on unlock screen and email notifications if only one gives a few lines from the email too Nice touch. On a check it is kit kat now and has been very stable

  • Paul

    Mine was slow to download. Needed a reboot following install as it became laggy when typing by its much quicker now. Battery life looks good too.

  • daniel smith

    Is it just me but I’ve had it over week now.I’m on Vodafone. It runs smooth but battery drain is a bit of a problem

  • Marc S

    I’m on 3. Got my update last Friday OTA. No issues with download or install. Can’t say performance is any better but it’s no worse. However there is one issue. When Air Gesture option is enabled with Sound & Haptic feedback, for finger, it no longer works with Samsung native email app. There is no preview either!

  • Tim

    Got my kit kat last week. Download was super slow and restart failed. I just had to take the battery out (the phone was completely frozen)and reset that way. Works great now, no complaints.

    • George

      What network is that mate?

  • Brian

    EE still no update!!I hate how they can’t be release at the same time like Apple!!!

  • ginge

    its now available on vodafone

  • Malcolm Williams

    Got My update for Note 3 on Three Network. Works ok, but non official S-View case has stopped working !! – Waiting for update from Samsung.

  • Sabrina Louise Thomas

    Got download all seemed ok but my Facebook won’t view likes now on my status odd tried reinstalling app still don’t work

  • berong of tmobile

    After a couple of mos having my note 3, it started freezing and hanging a lot!!! Im totally frustrated and annoyed . Downloaded kitkat and still the same, it seems get more than worst!!! Definitely going back to apple when iphone 6 arrives!!! Galaxy note3 and TMobile network not a perfect duo…….

  • annoyed

    My phone keeps playing about ever since I downloaded 4.4.2.. (Network 3, galaxy note 3) will 4.4.3 fix these issues I’m having? It’s getting really annoying especially as there’s no way of going back to before I updated to 4.4.2. Keyboard won’t type, screen constantly freezes and not letting me unlock, the clock vanishes from lock-screen, unable to skip/pause music OH AND NOW THE EARPHONE PAUSE/PLAY BUTTON DOESN’T WORK but the volume buttons do? ugh…

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