iPhone 6 A8 processor to be supplied by Samsung


We’ve spoken about how the iPhone 6 release could finally see a divorce with Samsung, new reports have surfaced that this could not be the case for the new A8 chipset.

According to ZDNet Korea‘s Samsung sources, a manufacturing agreement between Apple and Samsung has already been signed and engineers are already working to get production up and running.

Earlier reports had thought that TSMC, who already make other, less high-profile chips for Apple had been tabbed as Samsung’s successor for the A-series chip production.

The topic that Apple will be ditching Samsung seems to surface every few months, but in the end it seems as though both might not agree in the courtroom, they certainly work well in the workshop.

Will these rumours ever stop? Doubtful but if we hear anything more we will be sure to let you know.

Source: ZDNet Korea
Via: Apple Insider


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