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Nexus 8 release and processor specs rumoured

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By:Gary | March 12th, 2014

It seems that the last version of the Nexus 7 hasn’t been as successful as Google would have hoped due to the large number of budget 7-inch Android tablets now available, and this has led to rumours the company will release a Nexus 8 for 2014 that now has its processor specs rumoured.

Last month we heard that a Nexus 8 tablet will be released in the summer powered by a new Android 4.5 operating system, but now a new report is claiming that the device will again change the company that supplies the processor.

It is now being claimed that the Nexus 8 will feature a 64-bit chip which will be the Intel Moorefield processor that is supposedly clocked at 2.33GHz, which also has the PowerVR G6430 graphics GPU. Of course this is purely speculation and Google may not even release a Nexus 8 device, but there is a growing appeal for 8-inch tablet PCs.

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Source: AndroidPit.

Nexus 8 release

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