Samsung Galaxy S5 camera images compared to S4


There is less than a month to go now before consumers in 150 countries around the world can get their hands on the latest flagship handset from Samsung, and now we have some Galaxy S5 camera images that are compared to the Galaxy S4.

Despite having a similar design to the last couple of flagship Samsung Galaxy releases, the S5 has been provided with a number of improvements in terms of the specifications that as can be expected includes the camera.

The new camera technology inside the Galaxy S5 was recently explained in a video presentation, but it is OK have loads of specifications to look at but the proof comes via actual images taken by the device.

The images you can see on this page are just a small sample that is comparing the Galaxy S5 with the S4, with the Galaxy S5 images being on the left.

Are you going to get the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Source: Hi-tech.mail.ru (translated) via Phone Arena.

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