EE suffering from network outage


Looks like EE is suffering from a national network outage that is affecting most of its contract customers, the issue also seems to be effecting its support and it customer service numbers.

My own EE service dropped over 2 hours ago and is yet to come back, luckily I have WiFi as otherwise my phone would be useless. The issue seems to have begun around 6:40pm this evening. EE has published the following tweet:

ee outage

From the news I’ve managed to gather from friends and family it seems to only be effecting those on EE and not those who are based on an old Orange or T-Mobile contract.

If more information comes in we will be sure to update you.

Are you one of the affected customers?

Source: EE Twitter & my own EE service
UPDATE: EE have confirmed service is now fully operational as of around 9am on the 20th of March.


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13 thoughts on “EE suffering from network outage”

  1. Reply
    Peter says:

    Getting “not registered on network” whenever I try to make a call. Signal strength bars showing good signal. 2 hours since I first tried.

  2. Reply
    Larchie says:

    Phone down since half six . Its been 8 hours and counting. What kinda crap is this.??? Sort it out EE..

  3. Reply
    unhappy EE customer says:

    I can now make calls after having a blackout from phone calls and texts for over 12 hours,

  4. Reply
    AnnieC says:

    I can now make calls but my internet 4G has dissapeared and now I can’t connect to the Internet. WHAT’s GOING ON???

  5. Reply
    David says:

    Good job EE, no signal what so ever. I need my phone to do my job, how about you do yours and fix this discrace! I blame Kevin Bacon.

  6. Reply
    Christine says:

    I didn’t realise I had a problem last night as I was at home, using WiFi. I didn’t get any texts but I don’t always. As soon as I left this morning I couldn’t get a signal.
    Ive had a text this afternoon which was sent at 7.30pm yesterday!

  7. Reply
    Simon Hopkins says:

    Haha can’t remember last time I had no signal on 3 since 2007…..oh yeah thats right, NEVER! And they have 4G at no extra cost. No brianer really. Why pay more for less!

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