iPhone 6 could feature new graphics architecture


There are plenty of leaks and rumors about the Apple iPhone 6 already, and just recently we heard about possible new sensors being included as well as yet another concept. Now there is speculation that the iPhone 6 could include new graphics architecture.

Apple currently uses the PowerVR G6430 graphics processing unit from Imagination Technologies in the iPhone 5S and both of the latest iPads. Now Imagination has announced a new version of the software that features ray-tracing capabilities. It’s virtually certain that the iPhone 6 will feature a new A8 processor, as has been rumoured for some time, and of course it would seem likely that it could now contain the latest Imagination GPU from the PowerVR Wizard family, the first of which will be the PowerVR GR6500.

The mobile GPU appears to contain excellent levels of detail according to the images released with Imagination’s announcement. Talking about the new range of IP processors Imagination Technologies states, “This opens up the potential of highly photorealistic, computer generated imagery to a host of new real-time applications and markets not previously possible.”

Ray tracing is a complex process and its functionality for mobile devices has previously been hampered as it can affect both speed and power. However, if Imagination has managed to come up with a way to bring enhanced images without these drawbacks, this would be a significant development. Are you hoping for notable graphics improvements with the iPhone 6?

Source: Imagination
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    Ryan says:

    NONE of these innovations that possibly may be in the iPhone 6 ,make a bit of difference if the phone remains buggy with each new ios update,and more importantly,the battery life is poor.So unless they have a battery that will handle rheir new features..they are pointless.You absolutely cannot have one without the other.

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