Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S video picks a winner


The smartphone market is extremely competitive with handset manufacturers trying to outdo each other and offer the best experience and specifications, and today we have an early look at the Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 5S video that picks a winner.

While we have already seen some hands on videos and reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S5, until it is physically available to be put through its paces we won’t know for sure how good it is. The video we have for you below this page comes courtesy of TechRadar, and is running through the features and specs of both handsets to provide a winner.

It has to be remembered though that the iPhone 5S has been available for a few months now, which can be a long time in the smartphone world but it is still a worthy handset. We won’t spoil the outcome for you while some may say a fairer comparison would be with the iPhone 6.

Are you planning on getting the Samsung Galaxy S5?

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