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We broke the news of OVIVO shutting down only a few days ago and now the friendly guys and girls over at giffgaff are using social media to offer ex-OVIVO customers an extra £5 of free credit.

Here is the post from the giffgaff community

Hi folks,

It was quite a surprise to see the Ovivo mobile network close its doors last night. We know that quite a few of our members used Ovivo in conjunction with giffgaff, and that others made a complete move from giffgaff to Ovivo.

It can be a nightmare when you don’t have a working phone, and so to help people back up and running again we want to make your transition to giffgaff smoother if you want to come over – or come back.

From now until the end of Sunday, March 23rd, any SIMs ordered from giffgaff, including from a member’s referral link, will be sent by First Class post. That way, if you order soon, you should get your SIM before the weekend (although that’s of course depending on how fast your postman’s legs are).

In addition, we know that a lot of people will have lost some credit, and so to give you a kick-start, if you bring your number in from Ovivo before the end of April, we’ll give you an extra £5 credit to get you back on your feet.

We really hope this helps people that have found themselves bit stuck. If you need a hand setting up, have a quick look at these articles on activating a SIM card and transferring your number – they’ll walk you through it. As always, if you have any questions afterwards, our Help forum is always open.

If your phone is locked, perhaps to Vodafone, then you should take a look at our Unlockapedia; it will help you find the cheapest way to unlock your phone so that you can bring it to a new network.

Cheers all.

Very savvy work from giffgaff to offer free money to bring in new customers and at the same time offering to help those in need from the recent shutting down of OVIVO.

Word of warning for those taking giffgaff up on this offer, OVIVO used Vodafone and giffgaff uses the o2 network so you may want to do a coverage check before going ahead.

Source: giffgaff community


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