Sony Xperia SP new Android update to start rolling

There’s some promising news today for owners of the Sony Xperia SP smartphone who have been hoping to hear update news. Last month we informed readers that the Android 4.3 update with build number 12.1.A.0.266 was starting to roll out. Now a new Android 4.3 firmware update to bring the Xperia SP to build 12.1.A.1.192, has just been approved by a French carrier.

There have been reports that some Xperia SP users have been plagued with bugs from Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, affecting aspects including the Album app, Walkman app and illumination bar. At the end of last month we heard that build 12.1.A.1.192, a performance and bug-fixing update, had been certified by the PTCRB. The latest news is that yesterday French Carrier SFR announced that the update would begin rolling out straight away.

The update is said to offer stability and performance improvements, Sony media app updates and UI optimizations. We should point that so far we have no confirmation that Xperia SP owners on SFR have already started to receive the update. However, if this is accurate then it means that the update might be ready to be pushed out for the phone in other regions soon.

We’ll be following this update release with interest, and if we hear it’s arriving for the Sony Xperia SP in other regions we’ll be sure to pass on the news. If any readers have already received this latest firmware update to their handset, then do let us know by sending us a comment.

Source: SFR
Via: Xperia Blog

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Sony Xperia SP update to start rolling
  • jameel77

    Anyone in the UK got the update yet?

    • ant ratcliffe

      It won’t be for a week or 2 for UK customers and certainly for those locked to a network carrier

      • jameel77

        Ahhh I’d expect the UK to be one the first regions with the update, I guess im wrong heh

    • cranwellpoacher

      I got my update about 10 days ago and my phone is now AWFUL! Horribly slow, blank screens,messages that apps are not responding all the time…HATE IT!

      Sony! YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THESE PROBLEMS and act. Stop being such useless idiots and SORT THIS PROBLEM OUT. I expected a LOT better from SONY :-/

  • Lynd Say
  • haaris

    Won’t be a while till we get update in UK

  • BryanD

    I’m in Canada and just got the update…phone hasn’t ran right since. Camera crashes, gallery crashes, facebook is so slow.

    • vijayant

      Hi Bryan . . Hope u dng well. . So did u update ur device is it working fine now

      • BryanD

        Runs like a turd now after the update it may have fixed some bugs but it caused a million more. the phone is almost unusable now. DON’T RUN THE UPGRADE!

      • BryanD

        So I went on to Sony’s forums and you have to do a back up and hard restart the phone for it to function properly. I’m hopefully restoring the phone as i type

  • faith

    Hi! I’m using Xperia V. I received an update if I’m not mistaken last month. But a day after I update my phone most apps didn’t work well such as viber .. Skype. Fb.. And the worst part of it all of a sudden it will shutdown… I’m not techie so any help /advice will do. Thanks

  • Kamal Grewal

    Hi! I’m using Xperia SP. I received an update if I’m not mistaken last
    month. But a day after I update my phone didn’t work well.I asking to all peoples Pls dont update your phones my phones shows errors nt responding like this. so again I humble request to oll peoples dnt update….thnxsssss

  • Kaddster

    I’m with t mobile in the UK and haven’t even received the initial 4.3 update, I’m p*ssed right off Sony!

  • Kowiana

    Hi there. I’m in New Zealand. The update for my phone became available last week sometimes and I updated it a couple of days. Everything was fine at first and the UI improvement look great but have already had to reset my phone 3 times since the new update. Not very promising.

  • Richard Velasco

    …i just updated my Sony Xperia SP with the new JellyBean 4.3…. Now my phone is not working well the way ot was before. How do i go backwards to my original JellyBean. I want to delete this 4.3 update in my phone.

  • Ranjan

    I just updated my Xperia SP to 4.3 JB… Now many of the apps are crashing.. Even voice search is not working…. Its really irritating while some apps will crash.. Either fix it or revert it back to previous version.. :(

  • Crispin Crimbo

    tbh the sp was never a ” flagship ” phone and it has received worse update support then lower models , I’ve had mine since may last year and the original stock rom of 4.1.1 seemed to run better than my current 4.1.2 sine November updade It started to get buggy , and from the looks of it its got worse since , tbh I think this is sony all along thay have so meny phones coming out that the update crew can’t keep up , but where thay have so meny thay probably just expect you to buy a new one , its a shame though as the specs are not bad , it even out preforms the original xperia z but that has seen better support being a flagship phone , the way things are going I feel it might be better just getting a custom rom , or easier to get a new phone

    • Reddy

      The phone is irrelevant, and just because it wasn’t the flagship doesn’t mean that it should perform poorly. In any other industry that response would be unacceptable. The problem is a very poorly designed update, but you’re essentially saying “oh well, the phone wasn’t the best possible one anyway so why should it be expected to work?”. Don’t talk garbage.

  • Joe Radley

    I’ve just updated my phone this morning, and I don’t like it already, it has made my phone run extremely slow and now it wont even turn my scree3n on for about half an hour at a time, the new update has totally messed up my phone! Is there a way that I can undo the update? with my old phone if it wasn’t working I would just take the battery out but with the sony sp, that’s not an option. really annoyed by it.

    • Daniel

      Exact same problem with my phone aswell. Wish I never updated it :(

  • Constantine

    Sorry to hear that I am not alone ! Since I installed the update my phone is useless I can’t even see the screen when I make a call as it goes black which means I cannot close the call. I cannot believe the incompetence and stupidity of Sony!!!

  • ellie

    Same!! Mine is so slow now I don’t know what to do

  • Richard Penswick

    I agree, Xperia SP has been slow and sluggish since recent upgrade. Can’t find a way to roll back to previous version, so phone is no useless. Sony please respond !!!!

  • Reddy

    Mine is so slow it’s unusable now too. Opening an email takes around 30 seconds. Apparently using Sony Update Service (NOT PC companion) to do a reset/reinstall will fix this though. Going to try.

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