HTC Butterfly Pro vision has sleek design


We’ve seen some outstanding concept ideas in the past from Hasan Kaymak and now the designer has come up with this HTC Butterfly Pro vision. HTC Butterfly smartphones have won plenty of fans who might really enjoy this latest concept design, although it is still in development.

This is a beautifully sleek-looking device, and we particularly like the flat front but with curvature to the reverse that you can see in the image here. Kaymak hasn’t provided any details of specs for this design yet, but any new Butterfly handset for this year would most likely arrive with a 2K display resolution.

We really like this work in progress and wonder what you think about the design? Although no specs for this concept have been given, Kaymak asks what dream specs people would like to see for the Butterfly Pro, and we’d like to hear your ideas about this?

Source: Kasan Haymak (Google+)
Via: Concept Phones

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