LG G Pro 2 set for price cut ahead of global release


The LG G Pro 2 was made official last month with the handset going on sale in the company’s home country to begin with, but now there is talk of a price cut ahead of a global release with the handset reportedly selling well.

It is being claimed that the LG G Pro 2 is selling well in Korea and has reportedly done better than last year’s flagship the LG G2. This news has supposedly come from an LG official while the handset is priced at KRW 999,000 which is around £562/$926.

Now the arrival of the Galaxy S5 that is set to be priced at around KRW 850,000 in the region for the 32GB version, has led to claims that the asking price for the LG G Pro 2 could be cut ahead of the handset spreading to other regions.

Will you be thinking of getting the LG G Pro 2?

Source via G4Games.


One thought on “LG G Pro 2 set for price cut ahead of global release”

  1. Linda says:

    Yes, I will be buying the LG GPRO 2 the first day it is released. I have chatted with Verizon trying to give them a heads up on a phone that should sell just as well as the LG G2. The specs on this phone are great. The 13 mp camera has the OIS that is very helpful in focusing on all objects, the 4K video recording will have something I don’t have on my phone. I have an LG Spectrum and it has been great. I am looking forward to the 5.9″ display, which will fit very well in the palm of the hand. I already bought two cases for the phone. I really hope that it gets to the USA in April.