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Many of us are starting to anticipate the new iPhone for this year, commonly referred to as the Apple iPhone 6. There has already been a plentiful supply of leaks and rumors, and one thing many people are thinking of is what sort of design the phone will have. Today we have a new iPhone 6 design to look at, and we feel this is one to please the eye.

There have already been many concept renders for the iPhone 6, and this latest one comes from notable designer Martin Hajek (for iPhoneClub.nl), who has previously come up with many impressive ideas for upcoming devices including an iWatch. One thing we often hear from readers is that many people would like to see a design shake up for the next premium iPhone, and this concept gives a nice taster of possibilities.

iPhone 6 design to please the eye b

The iPhone 6 that you can see here took its inspiration from the iPod nano, and this idea has recently been rumored for the real iPhone 6. The render here has very slim bezels to the sides and has a 4.7-inch display, which also ties in with the latest leaks about the display size for the genuine iPhone 6. We also recently showed some purported iPhone 6 dummy prototypes that appear to give some design cues for the real deal.

iPhone 6 design to please the eye c

We really like the sleek styling of this concept for the iPhone 6, although we’re not sure how comfortable it would be to hold for long periods of time. We’d like to know what you think though, so would you like to see the next iPhone look something like this?

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    Kagazzle says:

    This design looks much like the Xperia phone by Sony. I’m not sure this is something people will want in the US considering how poorly Sony is selling here.

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