HTC One M8 US /Europe trounced by Asia variant in benchmark


We finally saw the wraps taken off the HTC One M8 yesterday and this is a fine Android smartphone with plenty of appeal. The phone is releasing with two processor versions, a 2.3GHz MSM8974-AB Snapdragon 801 quad-core CPU for the US and Europe, and also a 2.5GHZ MSM8974-AC Snapdragon 801 model for Asia. Although it might seem that they are not too far apart, the HTC One M8 US/Europe model has been trounced by the Asia variant in a benchmark test.

While benchmarks don’t always reflect real-world situations and are sometimes not a good marker of a device, the notable difference between the two might be of interest to many buyers. On the AnTuTu benchmark test the US and European version (US Verizon model used) scored 29431 points while the Asian model scored a whopping 35964 points, a significant performance boost over the 2.3GHz variety.

HTC M8 US Europe trounced by Asia variant in benchmark b

The difference in this test may be substantial, but it’s worth noting that either version should be more than capable of providing plenty of power. Earlier today we also reported on a drop test with the new device and an official case for it, that readers might be interested in.

Does the discrepancy in these benchmark results for the new HTC One M8 concern you, or are you happy that either processor variant will have enough to cope with your needs?

Source: ePrice
Via: G for Games

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