New Samsung Galaxy Mega devices, early details


If you’re a fan of the Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 or Galaxy Mega 6.3 then we have some interesting news today about these phones. It appears that new Samsung Galaxy Mega devices are in the pipeline, and some early details have arrived about the second-generation handsets.

It’s suggested that new Galaxy Mega handsets will use a Samsung Exynos processor, possibly of the hexa-core variety that powers the Galaxy Note 3 Neo. This will add a touch more power than the first-generation models had, and a further snippet indicates that the new Mega devices will launch running Android 4.4 KitKat.

There’s no word yet on display sizes although it seems likely that they will remain similar to the original sizes. It’s good to hear that Galaxy Mega 2014 devices are in development, although it’s early days and we look forward to hearing more. Would you like to see new Galaxy Mega phones, and do you think that Samsung should stick with the previous 5.8 and 6.3 screen sizes?

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8 thoughts on “New Samsung Galaxy Mega devices, early details”

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    Jackie Nevels says:

    I have a 6.3 mega and I absolutly love it! Happy to hear Samsung is working on the next generation! Can’t wait to see what they do to improve because I think it’s pretty awesone now!

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    boohil55 says:

    I own a note 3 n900a and a galaxy mega i9205 and i absolutely love the mega…it has something special about it, the look and feel…amazing screen…and longest battery life I’ve ever had on a phone. ..my note 3 doesn’t get half the screen on time of my mega…can’t wait for mega 6.3 2nd gen…hopefully the hexacore is only for the 5.8 and we get a snapdragon 600 or 800 instead…this is how it is now with different hardware…Def stay the same size, and hopefully the same body and design as it was perfect already

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    jimmy says:

    i was planing to buy mega 6.3 and was really excited bout it… bt now seeing this 2 nd generation news .. i hav to hold my decision…humm… hope it will b launched in next mnth only…pls update us with d latest news…

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    Jürgen says:

    At the Moment I wait 4 the Huawei X1 7.0!
    Maybe the Mega 2 have the same Power! But the X1 is very cheep.
    Most important is that the Mega 2 have more Memory and Full HD (like the X1)

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    Logan russ1122 Adams says:

    I’ll taker a 7″ mega any day. I have the 6.3 and want more real-estate. I went from the note 2 to the mega. After a week of the mega I though, wow it’s big but it could be bigger. It almost seems small to me know after 6 months.

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