Galaxy Note 4 design shows almost bezel less display


There were some fans of Samsung a little disappointed in the unveiling of the Galaxy S5 and have decided to wait until later this year and the arrival of the next phablet from the company, and today we have a Galaxy Note 4 design that shows an almost bezel less display.

Recently we have heard information from a Samsung executive that the Galaxy Note 4 may come with that elusive premium build that so many fans of the company want, and also the device may follow the S5 with some form of waterproofing.

The image that you can see on this page is a concept idea that shows a device with an almost bezel free display, which could be 5.9-inches in size going on the history of the series.

You would have thought the device would have a more powerful processor and an improved camera, and we have long heard rumours that the device will have more S Pen functionality added.

Do you like this design?

Source: galaxynote4me via Concept Phones.


17 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 4 design shows almost bezel less display”

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    Stephend says:

    I like the bezel edge as it stops the screen
    protector from coming off all the time.
    Plus I doubt you will get a screen protector
    to wrap around the edges, so you will end up
    with a screen with scratches around the edges.

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    Richard Yarrell says:

    This concept is just that. The Galaxy Note 4 will have a three sided display 2560 by 1440p resolution period.

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        Richard Yarrell says:

        Don’t worry about where I work question is do you have anything near a legitimate job or a person for that matter??? Everyone has already seen it and will see it soon enough. True Samsung Note owners already know the deal and will be ready to purchase day one while you will be watching from the sidelines.

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          npsacobra says:

          Why would Samsung release an experimental design on one of their flagship devices? That makes less sense than this rediculous article. Pull your head out. The Note 4 will look like a refined version of the S5, like every other iteration.

          1. npsacobra says:

            So the S4 looks like the Note 2? And the original Note looks like the Captivate? I don’t think so. Note looked like S2, Note 2 like S3, Note 3 like S4. The Note series is always a bloated version of that year’s S model. Pretty simple pattern.

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    ThanksForNothing says:

    Stupid article and stupid picture that only shows horrible photoshop skills. lol the interface looks like the one in the 1st iphone. When you have nothing to tell your readers don’t invent it.

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    numinescent says:

    I like the idea of maximizing screen space, but how will cases like Otter Defender work with a phone like that?

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    npsacobra says:

    This isn’t news. It’s speculation based on someone’s poor design. Why would Samsung release a phone that looked like the current HTC’s?

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    Dan H says:

    I wanted the screen to be slightly larger than 6″. Larger than the G Flex. I want more customization like LG.

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