LG G Flex Android 4.4.2 update begins official roll out


Owners of the LG G Flex have some promising news today. Just a few days ago we told how an April update for the LG G2 and also the G Flex would bring the Knock Code feature, and that in the case of the G Flex this was likely to be included as part of the Android 4.4.2 update. Now the good news has arrived that the LG G Flex Android 4.4.2 update has just begun to officially roll out.

LG is now pushing out the 4.4.2 update for the G Flex starting in South Korea with models LG F340S, F340K and F340L. It’s confirmed that this does feature the popular Knock Code feature that LG is making a pretty big deal of, but unlike earlier rumors it does not include 4K video support. It’s still possible that this could appear when the update for the international version of the phone arrives, but that’s an unknown quantity at this stage.

While the update has only reached Korea so far, it’s a good indicator that it will release soon for the phone in other regions. You may need to be patient for a little while longer but we’ll be keeping a close eye on this and will inform readers when the update starts rolling out elsewhere. It would be good to hear from you and the country you live in, if you are one of the first ones to receive this update.

Source: LG (Korean)
Via: Phone Arena


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    Nildo Santos says:

    … mine, got updated yesterday… and let me tell yall, YES, 4K video support inside!!! LG G FLEX owner! Android 4.4.2 😉

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