Samsung Galaxy S5 vs S4 drop test comparison


Samsung has long been criticised for its constant use of plastic in its flagship smartphones but sometimes this can work to an advantage if a handset is dropped to the floor, and today we have a Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. S4 drop test video comparison for your viewing pleasure with some surprising results.

We have seen numerous drop test videos over time as beautiful new handsets are put through their paces, and more recently the HTC One M8 had a similar experience. Now today the video we have for you below courtesy of TechSmartt that puts the Galaxy S5 up against the Galaxy S4.

The two handsets begin by being dropped from pocket height which results in both devices coming through the test almost untouched except for some minor scuffs. We then move onto a drop from head height and we get to hear the horrible sound of the smartphones crashing to the hard floor.

Again both handsets hold up pretty well except from some scratches around the edges of the devices, and the two Galaxy handsets go onto being dropped from a higher level with one of them getting run over by an SUV, but we won’t spoil the results for you.

Are you surprised by these results?


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