Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specs leak reaffirms 2K idea


Leaks and rumors are beginning to ramp up already about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This is bound to be another huge hit in the Galaxy Note line, and although it’s several months away yet, there’s already a lot of interest in the device. Today we have some details from a new leak that reaffirms the idea of a 2K display, among other things.

Regular Phones Review readers will recall that a few days ago we brought news of a mystery Samsung handset that had appeared in a benchmark listing that had a 2K display with QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440. The screen size of the device was not specified but we wondered about the possibility of this being for the Galaxy Note 4, or maybe another high-end Samsung handset on the way.

Now a Japanese website has listed some claimed leaked specs for the Note 4 and we’re not altogether surprised to see that a 2K display is included. There was some anticipation previously that this would arrive for the Galaxy S5 that will release in the coming week, but it failed to materialize and the S5 has Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. The same source also speculates on the possibility of a 4K display but that doesn’t sound a viable idea to us.

Another thing claimed is that the Note 4 will be both dust and water-resistant and this ties in with previous reports out of Korea that said this will be the case for the Galaxy Note 4, and also the LG G3. To be frank, after the Galaxy S5 was unveiled featuring these qualities we would have been more surprised if this had not also come to the Note 4.

In the next few months we’re likely to see plenty more leaks about the device to start building up a picture of what will eventually come to fruition, but we must remember that at this stage none of this is confirmed. Nevertheless, it is looking increasingly likely that a display with resolution of 2560 x 1440 is heading to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. What other Note 4 features and specs would you like to see?

Source: CNMO (translated)
Via: Phone Arena