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Samsung Galaxy S5 cost breakdown

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Date: April 15th, 2014

It has been a few days now since the world was able to get their hands on the latest flagship smartphone model from Samsung, and now the Galaxy S5 cost breakdown of the devices components has been estimated.

We have already heard how the Samsung Galaxy S5 rates in terms of reparability following a teardown of the device, but now some figures have emerged on how much it costs Samsung to build the device.

It has been estimated that the Samsung Galaxy S5 costs the company $256 to manufacturer, which sees the company making around 60% profit on the handset. The most costly part of the device is the screen at around $63, which is followed by the RAM and flash storage that come in at $33.

Meanwhile the fingerprint scanner costs only $4 while the heart rate monitor is even less at $1.45, but it has to be remembered these costings doesn’t include all the development costs and actually putting the components together.

Source Via SamMobile.

Samsung Galaxy S5 cost break down

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