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LG confirms new processors about to hit mass production

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Date: April 16th, 2014

While its rival Samsung already produces a number of its own mobile processors LG has had to rely on components from other manufacturers, but now LG confirms that its new processors are about to hit mass production.

We have long heard speculation that LG were developing its own Odin range of processors, and now a spokesperson from the company has confirmed that it will soon be mass producing its own processors.

While not going into further details sources claim that the processors will be produced in partnership with Taiwan based company TSMC who have long been linked to being the sole provider of chips for Apple’s iPhone.

There was talk that the LG G3 would be using the processors but it seems that the company has brought the release of the handset forward to help combat the threat from the likes of the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6, with recent reports suggesting the device will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor instead.

Source: The Korea Herald

LG confirms new processors about to hit mass production

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