Sony Xperia Z, ZR Android 4.4 update problems emerge

It is always nice when owning a mobile device to be treated to a later version of the operating system, but sometimes things don’t run so smoothly after installing the new software. Now we have news that some Sony Xperia Z and Xperia ZR Android 4.4 update problems emerge.

Sony has been busy releasing a number of new firmware updates that have also included the Xperia Z, and more recently the Sony Xperia ZR. Trouble is though we have been contacted by some readers complaining of issues since installing the update.

The main issue for both devices has been severe battery drain but there has also been reports of sudden reboots and overheating of the device. At the time of writing Sony hasn’t acknowledged any problems but if reports grow we may see the new firmware pulled until a fix is found.

Update: Sony has now acknowledged the problems and more details can be found here.

Have you had any problems since installing the new operating system?

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Sony Xperia Z, ZR Android 4.4 update problems emerge
  • alex

    Today have updated to latest version. Works weird, drains battery, menu lags. Will downgrade to 4.3

    • Brigitte Grov

      How do you downgrade?

  • andy

    Battery drain in xperia zr after update. Much worst than 4.3

  • Disco

    Yep. Phone stays in wake mode and the battery hardly lasts the morning.
    I was quite happy with the previous version, can anyone tell me how to reinstall that?

  • Temuri Afridonidze

    How Update 4.4.2 my Xperia ZR (5503) in Georgia? :(

  • not pleased

    Updated to 4.4 2 days ago. Sony Experia Z now barely lasting till lunchtime from a full charge overnight. At least on 4.3 it will last till early evening!

  • Ray

    Since updating to 4.4.2 the battery life is terrible … i want to go back! the stamina mode on the phone now is useless before it use to last all day its 10.15 in the morning and its down to 59% and its just been on my pocket on standby all day been charged up all night… hope they fix it soon!

  • Elliot

    After the latest update my Experia Z battery life is TERRIBLE. the battery lasts barely half a day and I now have to carry a charger with me everywhere. I have had no problems before now, have loved the phone but just a few days with the new update I find myself wanting to smash the thing to pieces with frustration.

  • Frances

    I’m so frustrated by this latest update. I’m having to charge my phone twice a day, it is just draining so quickly even with limited use. My phone is also getting very warm too. My phone is just totally unreliable. Please Sony sort this problem ASAP or I have to change phones.

  • Gavyn Edwards

    Same issue, my phone has gone from lasting almost two days to having to take a charger to work with me! I’m not even allowed to use my mobile in work!!! So it’s draining battery just on standby!

  • HelenaK

    Lots of problems – battery is dying halfways through the day (just checked my work emails one day), and yesterday I didn’t touch the phone, it died on my way home on the tube (before I even got to the train station). It’s also very hot. Agree with other comments here!

  • HelenaK

    Yes, how do you downgrade to the previous version??

  • Pranav

    Freezing and battery draining

  • Scott

    My ZL battery life has been cut in half since the update. It’s also getting really hot!

  • Chris M

    My battery is draining rapidly since Sony’s software update, my Xperia has become a landline as I have to keep it connected to the mains. I have turned off auto synch and location services but the problem persists. Thinking of taking the sim card out and putting it back in my old Nexus phone. Help please!!!

  • Ermond Bujupaj

    Very slow working unhappy with this firmware

  • fjanoos

    The new version of Sony OS is a total FAIL. My device is overheating like crazy, battery life of less than 4 hrs, random reboots. I’ve reinstalled the OS multiple times adn done factory resets to no avail. Sony needs to get its act together. Or they need to replace my device when it’s battery burns out.

  • Rainey

    Ever since the update my device has had crazy-fast battery drain and heats up to the point that I’m afraid it might burn me. I have to charge it up constantly now.

    • carol bridger

      Same here its not charging on charge as it goes down draining it instead of of charging up

  • Asheel Soorjbully

    I am having the same draining problem with my Sony Z, I did however notice that if I switched off my location and then reboot the phone, the battery life does increase however I do not want to switch off my location nor do I want to reboot my phone continuously, this is a terrible update from Sony.

  • Father Gabriel OP

    I am having great battery drain and high overheating eversince I updated a few days ago my Xperia ZL to OS 4.4.2 – It does not look good at all. I am afraid of the great overheating especially. I hope that Sony will tackle those two issues ASAP.

  • Emrah Görmez

    New firmware has lots of problems. First and main one is lag problem. On 4.3 firmware working insane smoothless but 4.4 it is working like hell. Second one sony’s softwares are still old version. On 4.3 using albüm walkman videos 6.xx version in 4.4 4.xx version. Third one insane battery drain. Positives are opening scene and themes.

  • Debbie Burbridge

    I can no longer use some password protected apps. I have AVG installed on my phone and have passwords on half a dozen of my apps and after the update I can no longer use the password. If I touch the screen to enter the password it doesn’t bring up the keyboard for me to enter it. Have tried taking the password off and resetting it and uninstalling app and reinstalling it but nothing works. Extremely frustrated!!!

  • torstein1989

    After the update on my Sony Xperia ZR the battery drains so much that i almost can see it! Where is the best place to report these issues?

  • Anthony

    Android 4.4 Xperia Z problems: battery drains and GPS not responding.

    Battery drains: Sleep at 00:00 and wake up at 07:20, Battery 95% down to 60% or below with Fright mode on.

  • paul

    The google play service is draining your battery. go to apps.>all > uninstall google play service> clear cache> then reinstall inthe app

  • unhappy

    Power-off Button doesn’t work anymore (but I don’t think it’s actually button since Power-off is working) on my Sony ZR after upgrading to 4.4.2. This means that if my Phone goes into standby I can’t wake it up with the powerbutton, but I have to insert the chargingcable which activate the display.
    For me this Phone is now USELESS!

    • Unhappy

      No I meant Power-ON Button (and not Power-off) is not working

    • Yusrie Shafiqsyirazi Mohd Yuso

      Same as me here.. Im xperia z user..

  • Yusrie Shafiqsyirazi Mohd Yuso

    My display keeps black.. Eventhough the phone is still on.. After i push the lock button.. Tge displays goes out.. Then after i push it back.. The screen still black… Please help me..

  • j

    I have a Sony Xperia from T-Mobile. After my phone updated (which I tried hard to keep it from doing) the power button does not work as well, my game apps lose the connection, and my internet does not work. When I try to use the internet I get either a white or black screen. I restarted it and it worked temporarily. After restarting it a second time I was in the middle of using the internet and the screen went black after about three minutes. Seriously not impressed.

    • gordy

      ive been having a huge problem with network loss since the 4.4.2 update cant make a call or send texts im sending it off to sony to get fixed from the problem your having it might pay off for you to do the same mate 4.4.2 update is a nightmare

  • gordy

    i have a xperia z two weeks old since the 4.4.2 update ive lost all network cant make calls or texts sending it off to sony to be fixed anyone else having the same problem

  • ruben

    mine died since since today….

  • yash

    My new z1 keeps getting switched off. any idea why???? (I court only turn it on by force restarting [vol up +power button] )

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