Cartoon HD app down, fix offered

There are always certain mobile applications that grab a lot of the headlines for one reason or another, and that can certainly be said about the Cartoon HD app, but there is news that the app is now down and not working although a possible fix is being offered by users.

The Cartoon HD app made the headlines for being taken down from the various app stores, but there was still a way for users to access the Cartoon HD application. Today though numerous users are reporting that the Cartoon HD app has stopped working completely.

Some of our readers though are suggesting that users change the date on their device to two days ago to June 2nd, and it will start working again. Others have said that this doesn’t work and if this is the case an alternative may be needed, but it seems changing the date only works on iOS and not Android.

Have you had issues with the Cartoon HD app and has this fix worked for you?

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Cartoon HD app down, fix offered
  • Eyeballpaul

    Change date to 2nd June working fine

    • James

      I set it to June 2nd and it still didn’t work

      • [email protected]

        I can not get the app now where do I get it

  • Curtains

    Putting the date back worked for me

  • NahorAnak

    Changed date, works fine now :)

  • Laj3000

    Worked fine for me! :)

  • Afc2014

    Date changed worked here. Any news on if this is gonna be fixed?

  • drivebypie

    Didn’t work for me. I’m on android Galaxy S4

  • Peccamc

    Change date make sure the app is closed in background before you try

  • Bazzmcdyre

    Did not work

  • linzi

    Tried changing date on galaxy tab, but didnt work any other ideas im gutted :(

  • hello

    how exactly do i change the date? I am not that savvy sometimes when it comes to the ipad settings

    • Paul

      Go to settings > general > date & time. Then change from auto to manual then change the date to jun1

      • Barney

        It worked thanks on my iPad

      • hello

        i closed the app and changed the date but did not work, i also closed it in the background too, but it is not working on my ipad. Seems like changing the date works well for ios users but not for me…oh well thanks for the info

  • Neil Schofield

    Date change doesn’t work, website is also down

  • Paul

    Changed the date to June 1st then re opened the app, worked perfectly on iOS.

  • Marvin

    Worked for me on iPhone 5s but as soon as you return to today’s date it stops working?

  • Jem

    Worked for me!

  • Jonnie

    Worked for me on everything but game of thrones!!???

  • Elisha

    Aw gutted!! Tried the Date change thing, but it’s still not working for me on my iPad

    • Luke Austin

      ave just tried the 2nd of June and it did not work even with app closed in the back ground. However I thought I would try again gushing a random earlier date mine was 29th May 2014 and with the app closed in the back ground again reopened cartoon hd withe the new date it all seems to work fine. Hope this helps

  • Agent47

    i got fined £1500

  • jim

    Any idea how to get it back on android plz

  • Luke Austin

    I have just tried the 2nd of June and it did not work even with app closed in the back ground. However I thought I would try again gushing a random earlier date mine was 29th May 2014 and with the app closed in the back ground again reopened cartoon hd withe the new date it all seems to work fine. Hope this helps

    Just to add just flicking though the movies it seem that some off the feed are not working.

  • Mark

    Change the date and it worked for me

  • Jade

    How do I change the date on iPad? There’s no settings button or anything….

    • Al

      Go to general settings, then scroll down, slide the automatic thing off then a date bar will appear xx

  • Guest

    General settings, scroll down to date

  • Al

    Mine won’t work now even with a date change

  • Geetee1

    Date trick worked on both pad and phone for me…just remember to click on categories to reset the app

  • Mokie

    tried random date changes on both galaxy tab and galaxy phone …. Both have been reset ….. nothing working so far …. absolutely gutted …. One minute happily watching next silence …. sad little man going to be distraught when he can’t watch cartoons in the morning

  • Angela

    I changed the date and initially it did now work. Switched the phone off and put it back on and it worked. However, I can only access the favourites and can not search for films or go into the category option.

  • Eeyore9177

    Worked for me on iphone just gonna try the ipad. X

  • Cuts

    iPhone 4 done the date fix, WORKED!!! Happy as 😁

  • Cuts

    No it doesn’t I take that back, shows films but doesn’t play anything! 😕

    • Gigg

      Try HDcartoon “all 1 word :)

  • Gigg

    Download HDcartoon instead, this is working although the layout isn’t so great! Hope this helps.

  • Sulz

    Help plzz my cartoon hd doesnt work it says that i have no wifi but i do soo plzzz help ASAP

  • Henry

    Will there be a new app for it? Any alternatives for it?

  • kenken

    I just tried changing the date an it did NOT work on my Samsung galaxy note 3 . If anyone can help my kids an me would definitely appreciated

    • Sultan

      There is another app called hdcartoon is kinda the same

    • Brittney

      Did u try to restart your phone after changing the date? That’s what we had to do. I have happy kids again!

  • Garry a

    Changed date to 1st June and working again

  • Aziz

    Changed the date to first June and it’s fine on my iPad. Additionally, switched between favourites and categories to get a refresh but had to force close the app but it came back up perfecto!

    Thanks for the data advice guys!

    • Salma

      Changed date it worked.. But once I open the app few sec it turns off :(

  • Claire Dyson

    Have to word it so post doesn’t get pulled but type ‘hd’ then ‘C’ word then ‘.info’ into where you used to put gapp.
    Btw GoT and Mr Bad are complete on this

  • Brittney

    Changed the date to June 1 on my Iphone5 and then restarted it. Cartoon HD app worked after. Then changed it date back to today’s date and it stopped working. Guess it has to be June 1st when I want to use the app. :(

  • kenken

    Yeah I try to restart my phone but still no good .anyone else have anAndroid and got the app back working

  • Dave

    Changing the date on galaxy s doesn’t work.
    From reading the comments, this fix appears to only be working on iphones/ipads.
    Has anyone been successful on Android yet?

    • kenken

      Where it’s says www. phone review put in had cartoons an click on the first link u come to It Chan it to where u can’t download the movie

      • John

        sorry can you please explain that clearly and with the detail. I didn’t understand that you wrote. How do you get it back on samsung?

    • kenken

      Sorry put in hdcartoons an it will work for Android

    • Shawn

      Cartoon world

  • Corza

    Just change date back make sure app is fully closed first. Change it back how many days you want. Just make it may as app was working then. Then reopen app and it should work

    • Letitdie

      Changed the date works ok for now

  • Alissa

    I’m in Australia and have just tried changing the date to 2 June, 1 June, wouldn’t work.. Now I’ve used 23 May and it works. Very sneaky!!

  • Mark Parsons

    Changing it to 2nd June only brings back favourites. If you change it to a month ago it brings all content back.

  • Michelle

    I’ve changed the date and it’s working now, except for a few movies (my little ones favourites) anyone else got that problem?

    • Rowan


  • Morag

    What do you mean, change the date? How? Tia

  • DarkDestiny

    How about you clowns pay for the media and stop stealing media content people poured their lives into. Scum.

    • Ned Stark


    • Tyler64

      Poured their life. Hahahahahahaha, you silly prick. They use their ‘acting’ skills and say some words from a script they have to memorise, oooya, then they get paid millions for it. So watch your lip and next time don’t bloody say anything if its going to be idiotic.

  • Dave

    I watch Game of Thrones…I pay for the service, but prefer to watch it without adverts and whilst on the move or at work. I am not stealing for what I have already paid for and certainly not Scum.

    • Tyler64

      Scum? How are you scum anyway even if you don’t pay for it? People are greedy, that’s the only reason it’s been took down. The companies that make and distribute the film won’t let anyone watch them without paying for the DVD or going to see it at the cinema. Their companies are worth billions and billions, I’m positive they aren’t going to go bankrupt anytime soon. Buying all the DVDs and going to the cinema every week to see the new ‘awsome’ looking film, costs quite a lot and it starts to add up. So I’m sorry sir, but you aren’t scum if you don’t wanna waste £10 on going to sit in a room for 2 hours, when you can watch it it a at home with your family where the experience us much better. People are greedy, everyone on this planet is greedy they want more and more, and that sir, will be the end of our pathetic race. So bye, rant over! SS

  • kenken

    The site is back down so all us evil people that watch it can stop being sum now

  • Topdigger

    Changed the date to jan 2014 and working now

  • 24681012

    I’ve put the date back and is now working.ive contacted them and they have said try redownloading it and they’ll try and sort the problem as soon as possible.

  • 76666667

    Am on note 2 and I have changed the date it still aint working. Anyone any suggestion?

  • Haydz

    Wound the date back. Worked for me.

  • Jonathan

    Can’t be downloaded again if removed…. The voice of someone who tried but failed… Doh!!!

  • kenken

    Is there any other websites to watch the movie form kids back upset any help would be appreciated Ty

  • Heartsgoalie

    Changed the date didn’t work for me but worked for my 2 friends

  • Keep me off the streets

    You need to search …. Just hit the search icon on top right and enter a movie title

    • kenken

      I tried to to search an it still did not work

  • cartoon hd

    if your on android you can still download cartoon hd by downloading 1 mobile market. you can download it again but it still doesnt work. Toodles :-)

  • Gazza!!!

    This was great whilst it lasted. Had my Ouya set up in the kids room and it was a life saver seeing as they can’t stop scratching discs. Guess its back to using a USB.

  • Olly14

    I’ve changed the date back to May but it’s still saying cartoon hd is closed forever…I’m on an iPad is there any other way to get this working again? Thanks

  • Dale

    I changed the date then switched off my iPad, then restarted and now it’s back and working fine!

  • John

    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ADVISE ME ON HOW TO BRING IT BACK ON AN ANDROID!!!!! the Changing the date thing doesn’t work!!!!

  • Intially

    Changing dates is not working on my iphone 5s :(

  • Fazza

    It still lookalike it has failed on iPad and iPhone but use the search toolbar and it will find your movie

  • Spooky

    Changed the date and it worked until now :(

    • Leon Jacob Gitsham

      How do u change the data

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