Motorola pushes out Moto 360 update


The Motorola 360 was probably the most anticipated smart watch of the year so far (if we don’t consider the iWatch, which turned out to become the Apple Watch, as announced by the Cupertino-based company with the occasion of the iPhone special event on September 9, earlier this month). Feedback from both the market and early adopters is mixed, but nonetheless, on the positive side, with some raising slight concerns over the smart timepiece’s battery life.

Regardless of how good a product is, in general, it is good to see its manufacturer continuously improving it, and that’s what Motorola is currently doing with the Moto 360. An update is available for those who own the gadget, and it brings, according to the official wording of the change log, improved functionality.

Bug fixes are also present in this release which has the version number KGW42R. So what’s inside the software package? Improved Bluetooth connectivity between the watch and phone, which is necessary in order to reduce and/or minimize situations in which the watch disconnects from the smartphone, as reported by some users. A charging notification message has been added for cases when the battery is fully depleted, which will serve as a confirmation that the Motorola Moto 360 is charging. The change log doesn’t contain too many details on the bug fix side of things, with the single sentence “implemented bug fixes and other system optimizations” covering everything, in a general manner.

If you haven’t yet received the update on your own Moto 360, don’t worry. The roll out process is usually happening in phases, so you should be able to get it within the next couple of days. Whenever it will be ready for you, your Moto 360 will display a notification to inform you of the update’s existence. In order to apply the refresh, you will need to ensure that your smart watch is charged to at least 80% of its maximum capacity, and that it is connected to a smartphone with internet connectivity. You will need to select the “download” option, followed by the “install now”. A few minutes later, and, after an automatic restart of the watch, you should be good to go.

Source: Motorola

Via: Android Central

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