iOS 8 petition for iPhone 4, as 8.02 fixes 4S problems


Bendgate was just one bit of bad news Apple has been dealing with this week. Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the iOS 8 issues — there are many. Apple unleashed the iOS 8.0.1 update for a quick fix, but it seem to have caused more harm than good for some devices while other phones like the iPhone 4s are still struggling with the initial release Now we’re up to iOS 8.02 which does fix some of the issues including the iPhone 4s problems.

Whether you own an iPad, iPhone 6 or the old iPhone 4s, there’s a good chance you’ve already downloaded iOS 8. If you were lucky, you didn’t hit any issues, but that wasn’t the case for some folks. Even users with older devices like the iPhone 4S got hit hard with scores of users reporting that the iOS 8 update slowed their phone to a crawl.

As you can see from the tweet below, the new iOS 8.02 seems to have fixed the sluggishness issues on the iPhone 4s for some users, so there’s no need to grab those pitchforks just yet. Apple is generally good at working through bugs quickly, and you can bet the farm they have their engineers working overtime to remedy the debacle known as iOS 8.


The iOS 8.02 update is currently available if you want to give it a go, although some users with older devices are left out in the cold. There’s actually a petition up to get iOS 8 on the iPhone 4, but it’s only got a handful of signatures at this time, so they may have a tough time with that. Especially considering all the iOS 8 issues still being dealt with.

Have you tried the new iOS 8.02 update yet?


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One thought on “iOS 8 petition for iPhone 4, as 8.02 fixes 4S problems”

  1. mary says:

    i updated the new software and it lags everywhere! Even when i try calling its like a botton is jammed and it makes a loud noise (ringing sound, high and low notes) the only way to stop it is to do a shutdown of my phone , and when it reboots; im with koodo and it says telus on top and shortly after it has problems sending messages! i want to downgrade for sure because before i didnt have any problems please help.