New Nexus 6 render appears, 5.9-inch QHD display confirmed


Another day, another Nexus 6 rumor. While we still don’t have anything official, another reliable source has put together a Nexus render and confirmed those Nexus 6 specs that have been floating around the net for months. Want to guess what size screen it has?

The folks over at Android Police have obtained new info on the Nexus 6, and have produced a render that gives us a glimpse of what the new Nexus 6 may look like. While we don’t see the back, the front shows is essentially the same as the previous render we showed you last week. The backside of that render matches the rumored pic showing the Nexus 6 next to an LG G3. What do we think? We think it’s going to be a massive Moto X, just like the leaks have shown.

As for the Nexus 6 specs, it’s the same old song and dance. AP mentioned the 13MP rear camera with the dual-flash setup ala the new Moto X along with the front-facing 2MP shooter. You can also expect a 3,200mAh battery and a 5.9-inch QHD display if the rumored Nexus 6 specs pan out. Front-facing speakers look to be a look, and it’s said to have the same aluminum band around the edge like the new Moto X.

While today’s Nexus 6 leak doesn’t tell us anything new, it basically confirms what we already know. The Nexus 6 is going to be a beast with top-tier specs, and it will divide the Nexus fanbase due to its size. If you want a smaller Nexus, you still have an option with the Moto X considering the Nexus 6 is just an oversized souped-up X. With the rate of leaks increasing, we expect to hear something official within the next few weeks.

Are you disappointed by the massive Nexus 6 or will you give it a shot?

Source: Android Police


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