Candy Crush issues continue after latest update


While it doesn’t please us to say this, it seems as though the Candy Crush Saga tale regarding iOS and Android app problems is set to roll on. We’ve been reporting on this for a few weeks now, and a few days ago we told how the Android version of the app had received a new update containing more levels and also bug fixes. However, the Candy Crush issues are still continuing after the latest update.

We don’t want to repeat the whole sorry story again, but the issues that have been going on for over a month now mostly concern Facebook login and connection problems. This seems to affect many players of the game, including some who have never even had a Facebook account! You can read more about the issues in this previous article.

There have been many of us hoping for an update including more fixes, and in the last few days we informed readers that the Android version of the app had been updated, although not the iPhone app yet. We anticipated that at last the Candy Crush Facebook problems would be resolved for some device users at least, but it now appears that the saga goes on.

Candy Crush issues continue after update b

We have received further comments from readers since the Candy Crush Saga Android app update, pointing out that the problems still exist. For example one reader said yesterday, “Why why hasn’t this issued been sorted. I’ve never had and never will have a Facebook account. No point in playing the game anymore if I can’t purchase anything. King must be losing money if players are unable to purchase extra lives etc. SORT IT OUT.”

A look at the Google Play description of the Android Candy Crush also reveals plenty of user comments about the app, also saying that they are having difficulties with the game since the latest update. One user writes, “Please help me ! i can’t connect to fb after update,” while another says, “I like the game but last 3 updates will not connect to facebook and will not let me do daily spin. FIX IT PLEASE.” Of course these problems are not affecting all Candy Crush app players, and some haven’t noticed anything wrong at all and are getting on with enjoying the game.

Are you playing Candy Crush Saga with the latest 1.38.1 version of the Android app, and if so are you still having any issues? Maybe you’re an iPhone or iPad Candy Crush player and are becoming increasingly frustrated that the wait for these fixes is still continuing? Let us know with your comments.


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    Dee says:

    Still waiting for store access. Still no bonus wheel. Still tells me my session on db ended- which is confusing since I don’t have an account on FB!

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