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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was one of the most awaited smartphones of the year and is now making its way into the hands of consumers. This phablet has top-notch specs and features and now the first reviews are arriving these can be really helpful to check out before you purchase. With this in mind we’ve put together a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review collection, from some of the best available.

We’ve already written many reports on the Galaxy Note 4 including comparisons and more, and all of the videos that we’ve embedded below our story are comprehensive reviews of the Galaxy Note 4 that offer some excellent further insight. The first is a 23-minute YouTube video and comes from Phone Arena, and as usual gives a really good overview of the device. The review covers a multitude of aspects and after the introduction goes on to discuss the design and build quality of the Note 4 followed by a hardware tour.

It then moves on to the display, software experience, S Pen stylus use, processor, camera capabilities, call quality, battery life and more. Ultimately, although the design of the Note 4 is said to be “lacklustre,” the display is described as “breathtaking,” and finally a score for the phone is given along with a list of pros and cons. We won’t give away the rating here as you might prefer to find out when you watch the review, but needless to say you won’t be disappointed if you’re a fan of the Galaxy Note line.

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The next YouTube video beneath this article comes from Android Authority, and as you might expect it covers many of the aspects of the first review. It begins with going over the design, before continuing with details of the display, performance, hardware, various features, camera, TouchWiz experience, and price details. The reviewer also mentions some of the Galaxy Note 4’s competition such as the iPhone 6 Plus, LG G3 and Oppo Find 7. In the conclusion it’s said that there are no giant leaps forward for the Note 4 but that the steps taken are the right ones, and the phone is awarded an Android Authority Editor’s Choice award for 2014.

The final YouTube video comes from the popular Pocketnow and gives yet another take on the device. It asks the question of whether the 4th generation Galaxy Note 4 is worth your time and money and attempts to find out. The review starts by looking at the fit and finish of the phone followed by the display and a brief mention of the GapGate issue. There’s an interesting perspective on the user interface and the review moves on to features such as for one-handed use, the camera (with images samples and video footage), gaming on the phablet, and much more. In the wrap-up it’s felt that “Samsung has reasserted its dominance of the phablet market,” and the final verdict is extremely positive.

When you’ve taken the time to view the video reviews below we’d appreciate your thoughts on this phablet. Are you now convinced that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the right choice for you? Did watching these reviews help you to decide? Send your comments to let us know.


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