iOS 8.1 update brings fixes but some problems continue


Apple finally released iOS 8.1 yesterday and millions of iPhone and iPad users have already updated their devices. We say ‘finally’ because many were eagerly awaiting problems from iOS 8.0 through iOS 8.0.2 to be resolved with the latest update. Although the iOS 8.1 update has brought issue fixes, some problems still continue.

We’ve been regularly reporting on problems with Apple’s mobile operating system since the release of iOS 8 last month and have been inundated with comments and emails from readers. At the weekend we discussed the many difficulties that some people were still having with their devices and hoped that at least a few of these would be fixed with the release of iOS 8.1.

The list of issues has been long and varied, but includes problems with Bluetooth, WiFi, cellular connectivity, battery drain, random crashes and freezing, and more. In our release countdown yesterday we talked about some of the improvements that iOS 8.1 was bringing, but said that many people were more concerned with bug fixes for ongoing problems.

You can see details of the full iOS 8.1 changelog here, and when we took a look we were pleased to see numerous problems being addressed with fixes, including for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Therefore we were pretty hopeful that some of the problems would soon be over. However, we have several Apple devices in our office and have updated them all. Our iPad mini is still extremely slow to the point of being virtually useless, while the iPhone 5S is still suffering extreme battery drain. Meanwhile the iPad Air and iPhone 6 seem to be running smoothly so far.

iOS 8.1 update b

It’s clear that others are also still having problems since updating to iOS 8.1. For instance one reader in the last few hours has commented, “Was hoping against hope that 8.1 would bring back wifi on my 4s, but no. Not impressed with Apple’s response at the store – claiming it’s a fault on the phone and nothing to do with the OS upgrades. Seriously? How can they expect me to purchase a new iPhone with that kind of customer service.” Another reader wrote, “Nope wifi is still laggy here, hasn’t crashed yet like I was experiencing but still not 100%.” Yet another commented, “iPhone battery drain problems with 8.1. It was ok with 8.0.”

We also received this comment among many more, “Updated this morning on iPad II with cellular modem and T-Mobile service. WiFi still works but cellular only shows “No Service” in Texas and Florida locations, so far.” As well as this we’ve been taking a look at Apple Support Communities pages, and various threads have been established about iOS 8.1 problems with comments such as this, “Hi, big problems with bluetooth even with iOS 8.1….i’m really tired,” and this, “Was having problems with random dashboard reboots ever since 8.02. I thought that 8.1 would not only solve that problem and give me full control of my new iPhone 6 plus but give me a hand held I could show off. I just updated to iOS 8.1 and I can’t stop it from rebooting. It is in a continuous state of reboot. I never see my desktop only the Apple logo. Crap!”

While it’s evident that some device users are still having problems now that they have updated to iOS 8.1, this won’t be the case for everyone. We anticipate that at least some readers will have seen improvements with the latest update, but it’s obvious that others are still encountering issues. It would be good to hear from readers about this to get a wider picture of ongoing problems, and as sometimes happens, fresh issues that have arisen with the new update.

Were you having problems with your iPhone or iPad on iOS 8.0.2, and if so have those issues been resolved since updating to iOS 8.1? Maybe you’re still having difficulties with your device on iOS 8.1 or have noticed a new problem? Please do send us your comments about this, and also let us know which device you are using.


54 thoughts on “iOS 8.1 update brings fixes but some problems continue”

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    Danibadd says:

    Since updating to iOS 8.0.1, 8.0.2 and now 8.1 my wifi on my iPhone 5s is so leggy that I can’t play any games on my phone. Makes me want to smash my phone. I live on my iPhone all day and every day, now I feel my phone is unusable. I went to Genius Bar and the said oh here take a new phone this should solve it, denied the updates have caused this.

    Since owning the new iPhone every year uv never had a problem with wifi. I am so frustrated

  2. Reply
    milo says:

    Since updating to iOS 8.0 through 8.02 my iPhone 5 and iPad2 have slowed down and screen hesitation and freezing while browsing. Talked to Apple care who referred it to their Engs. They failed to phone me back on three promised times. My iPad is virtually unusable. Ts is really poor. I am holding off 8.1 until I get an indication that its not worse than 8.02. This is really poor. I am becoming really dissolution with Apple. It sounds that they are losing their way

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    al larsen says:

    well I upgraded both my iphone 5s and ipad 2
    big mistake,its all hit and miss spent 3 hours chatting to an apple engineer, but no fix
    ,finally got texting from my ipad to work sometimes,bluetooth disappears, no images in the video app, sluggish in safari ….. really disapointed

  4. Reply
    DesiGrinnelli says:

    I have upgraded to 8.1 wifi is appalling when it comes to playing any video’s on any app or Internet site wifi just completely drops out on my iPad. I haven’t upgraded my phone so thankfully I still have something usable.

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    Jerry Dransite says:

    On my iPad Air, I am still having random screen freezes and lockups when using multi-gestures. This started with IOS 8, continued with IOS 8.02, and is still present in IOS 8.1. I wish Apple would address this problem. It is very annoying to have to reboot multiple times.

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      Alison Hadley says:

      My husbands ipad mini was fine before updating to 8.1… now the wifi is so slow!!! We’ve reset network and done all the other suggestions! For goodness sake Apple what ARE you doing???? You still can’t get it right???? You are losing customers by the second!!!!

      1. Reply
        Jayne says:

        Same here it’s so frustrating, you would think Apple would sort it!! Feel like throwing the iPad threw the window aaaaaagh!!!!

  6. Reply
    smanne says:

    I am having issues with call and sms forwarding verification process never worked and it took 25 international sms to understand that. I bought iPhone just because of continuity feature now it’s all crap. Why the hell they need this many verifications having on same wifi and signed with same iCloud account should be sufficient right?

  7. Reply
    Justus says:

    8.1 fixed the slow wifi on my iPhone 6 Plus.. On my 1Gbps fibre (5ghz band) my brand new iPhone 6+ could only hit 10mbps on average. Now its back to 200+mbps. However I do notice that battery seems to dropping faster…

  8. Reply
    danny says:

    IOS 8.1 Too Worse….. Battery % is in consistent — Put charger at 52 % and after some time it is 77% then sent 2 or 3 text to my friends and after 10 minutes of charging the battery % is 76 ……. unbelievable….

  9. Reply
    Alex says:

    After the update, my private videos can’t be played anymore!!! I want to play my videos back !!!! These videos are just frozen!!!

  10. Reply
    GFUNK20 says:

    8.1 has made my phone even worse! I had a very slow connection with iOS 8 update, but now with 8.1 it just freezes and crashes my apps on my 5s it’s easier just to use 4g but my data allowance is taking a real beating!
    Please Apple just fix it long enough for my upgrade so I can get a proper phone & stop blaming everything bar yourselves

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    Ravikanth says:

    I have an ipad2 and now having problems with wifi after updating to ios8 (even ios8.1). I can connect to wifi when i am close to the router but when I move away then my ipad cannot detect wifi (more than 1 meter). All worked fine in ios 7 🙁

  12. Reply
    Col says:

    My iPad air is still experiencing major wifi lags. a little better than before, but only 10% of the speed on my laptop. Not happy!

    1. Reply
      Imagebloke b says:

      Not happy with 8.1 on my iPad Air either. It is far from being that snappy thing I was used to, animations stutter sometimes, wifi lags are constant, apps takes a bit longer to open Apple do something about it! It is becoming incredibly annoying. Come on!

  13. Reply
    Craig says:

    Wifi on my 5S is extremely sluggish to the point where I can’t even stream an online radio station for more than 5 minutes. The update to iOS 8.1 made no difference. Things were so much better before iOS 8.

  14. Reply
    cg says:

    iphone 4s still has ‘greyed out’ wifi button. Tried all the fixes suggested to no avail. The update needs wifi so how cab I resolve these problms??? Thikn Aple have a lot to answer for, really considering if I will bother with another iphone. Very disappointed.

  15. Reply
    Billy Baker says:

    Ipad 2 pretty much crippled now, takes 20 seconds to close an app, it crashes so easily. iPhone 6 battery life is just terrible, went from 25% to 10% in under 30 mins on wifi usage half brightness. Also some apps dont work when airplane and wifi is on… So pretty pissed, going to try and get a new iPhone wuth apples 60 day return policy thing

  16. Reply
    Seniora says:

    I’m stiil having problems with ipad air wifi freezing. Problem definetely started with ios download and 8.1 hasnt fixed it. The only way to solve is to keep shutting down device, which is frustrating as happening several times a day.

  17. Reply
    Dean Finnigan says:

    I have a problem using the browser on iOS 8.1. When trying to login to my online banking I have to submit 2 random numbers from my passcode. When you click in box 1 you can see the numbers and choose one. When you then click onto the second box you can only see * in place of all the numbers. It is not a fault with the banks website because it works on iOS 7.1. How can this be reported to Apple?

  18. Reply
    Dinah says:

    After I updated iOS 8.1 to my iPhone 5, my data usage spike like crazy. I hardly used up my 1 GB data plan per month, but with iOS 8.1 my iPhone 5 used 1 GB per day!! Now I have to turn off my cellular data and use Wifi instead and have to pay extra for the additional quota for my data plan.

  19. Reply
    vijay -9799885000 says:

    after updating iPhone 6 plus to iOS 8.1 – bluetooth is still not working
    even can’t connect to my mac book pro

  20. Reply
    Tommy says:

    wifi issue not solved: iPhone 5s, iPad2
    even not on their own AP: airport time capsule with ac.
    friend of my has also same wifi issues with iPad air.
    found that when my neighbor start watching tv issue starts.
    while my AP is at channel 11 and her ap is at channel 1
    in 5ghz i’m on a free channel also.
    and issue is most on upload. is driver listening to other ssid to get airtime?

  21. Reply
    Frustrated Frank says:

    Poor battery life, slow browsing speeds, frequent issues with multitasking, intermittent issues with email ….. Come on Apple! iOS 8.1 and still not fixed! Very poor show! Will have to think long and hard about buying another Apple product in future. Heads need to roll over this. Can’t believe they weren’t aware of the issues before they rolled it out. This is worse than anything I’ve ever encountered with Windows. Am using an iPad Air with 120Gb capacity – worked a dream with both iOS6 and 7. Now feel like throwing it in the bucket and going back to an ultrabook! The boys at the top need to reconsider their priorities – shaving another mm or two off the thickness means nothing if the user experience falls off a cliff – think function, then form, Gentlemen!!

  22. Reply
    Pheyden says:

    Have four apple movile products. Iphone 3, 4S, and two ipad2. If Apple do not get this fixed pretty quick there will be a whole bunch of sales at Samsung. Si ce Mr. Jobs’ passing no one seems to give a jolt about quality.

  23. Reply
    Steve says:

    iPhone 4S, no service since 8.1 update. Tried all tech note advice- still no service. Had just ordered two new sims and ready to buy two iPhone 6’s- currently on hold.

  24. Reply
    james bond says:

    now there’s no point of buying Apple products. The company that earns a billion dollar profit can’t even create a stable OS. Shame on Apple.

  25. Reply
    sgwms says:

    iPad 2 –3rd generation– has no service since 8.0 upgrade. Have upgraded to 8.1 and still no service. Cannot watch videos, the simplest videos. Connectivity is slow; FB takes forever. It’s simply a mess. I will have to buy another device soon, and it won’t have an IOS. This has been terribly frustrating. I can’t even think about it too long without becoming angry. I can’t really afford another ipad. 🙁

  26. Reply
    ZDog says:

    I have a iPhone 5S and have continuous WiFi Drop outs and then it switches to cellular data and if I’m downloading an app it chews through my data like theirs no tomorrow so I went to the Apple store and they just said check that your router is on 802.11ab not 802.11n something like that but my modem can’t switch between them! IOS 8.x.x should be able to accommodate older routers! (My Router was made in 2013 so not that old) Any thing to help please share!

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