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If you’re a BlackBerry device enthusiast and are riding the wave with the trend towards larger handsets you might like to take a look at this new render we’ve come across. This is the BlackBerry Z70, a whopper phablet design that features a 6.7-inch display. We’d like to know what readers think of this latest concept idea.

It’s enjoyable to look at concept visions occasionally as tantalizers for prospective devices and this creation is the work of designer Suwhenzetie over on DeviantArt. The recently released BlackBerry Passport had an unusual square shape that received a mixed reception, so this rather more traditionally shaped handset might have more appeal despite it’s massive size. That said there has already been some consternation about the size of the new Nexus 6, which has a display size of ‘only’ 5.96-inches!

The BlackBerry Z70 looks extremely slim with a textured reverse, and as you can see from the image shown here it has an edge-to-edge display. Although the designer hasn’t come up with a full specs sheet some nice features have been provided. To start with, the 6.7-inch Super AMOLED display has Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 and 438 ppi.

The lower bezel is touch sensitive, and with an option in the Display Settings users can use this bezel as a BlackBerry toolbelt that produces Call, Menu, TrackPad, Back, and End Call touch bezel buttons. The Z70 also has rear facing stereo speakers, and a touch sensitive volume rocker that can also act as a camera control for snapping pictures and zoom function.

We think this latest concept phone is pretty interesting with some good feature touches and wonder how many readers like this idea? Would you purchase the BlackBerry Z70 if it were on sale? Let us know with your comments.

Source: DeviantArt
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    Blogmaniac says:

    While this looks droolworthy, it may not fit with the recent messaging “we are stuck in a rectangular world” and “it is hip to be square” about the passport. Pretty much it can at best be a square slider in the next generation. Long phones are long in the tooth for blackberry imho.

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