iPhone 6, Galaxy S5 then Note 4 most wanted gadgets via Yahoo

It’s often interesting to take a look at some of the lists that arrive towards the end of the year such as top devices, best smartphones, best-selling tablets and more. Yahoo Tech recently published its 10 Most Wanted Tech Gadgets of 2014 list, and Apple and Samsung products dominate the first three spots. Read on for more on the iPhone 6, Galaxy S5 then Note 4 most wanted gadgets via Yahoo.

We’ll run through the full top ten and in first position it’s the iPhone 6 while second and third spots are taken by the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 respectively. In fourth place is the GoPro HERO camcorder, and fifth is the Apple iPad mini. In sixth is the new Microsoft gaming console the Xbox One and in seventh spot it’s the Amazon Kindle Fire. Eighth, ninth and tenth positions were attained by the Sony PlayStation 4, Apple iPad Air, and Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in that order.

The Yahoo most wanted list is gathered from interest shown on Yahoo Search so should reflect a wide consensus of opinion. We’re not too surprised at the top three results in the most wanted gadget list, as these always seemed likely to be taken by Apple or Samsung devices. A new iPhone is always a big deal in the tech world, and this year round it could be that the new larger sizes of the iPhone 6 and bigger iPhone 6 Plus have created even more interest than usual. This is also reflected in the fact that the iPhone 6 also came ninth in the most sought after item across the whole of Yahoo for 2014.

iPhone 6, Galaxy S5 and Note 4 b

As for the Samsung Galaxy S5, this is the leading Android smartphone so no surprise that it’s in second spot. Interestingly Yahoo points out that Samsung actually sold double the amount of handsets as Apple in Q3 2014, yet despite this the Galaxy S5 still didn’t even attain a third of the amount of interest as the iPhone 6. Meanwhile the Galaxy Note 4 has dominated the phablet market since the first in the line released, so it seems only right and proper that it should grab the third spot on the list.

Are you surprised by any of the entries on Yahoo’s 10 most wanted tech gadgets of 2014 list, or by the order of the top three results in the form of the iPhone 6, Galaxy S5 and Note 4? Drop us your comments in the box below.

Source: Yahoo
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