Saygus V2 release set for Q1, hopefully


Every now and then we come across a smartphone that’s a little different from the norm. The Saygus V2 is one of those handsets, although readers could be forgiven for having forgotten about it since we last reported on it a year ago. After what has been a very long wait, we can finally say that the Saygus V2 release is set for Q1 this year.

In early January 2015 we gave news of the Saygus V2 specs and some very interesting features for this device. Later that month we reported that pre-orders would open on January 29, with availability of the phone expected soon after. However, there have been various delays cited and almost a year later the Saygus V2 release has still not arrived.

The price was set as $549 but eager buyers have been left waiting for news on when they would be able to get their hands on it. Now though, Team Saygus has given some further information on this via several posts on Twitter. The company has apologized for the lack of updates because of the busy holiday season. Saygus also says that they hoped the phone would begin shipping in February but again names the Chinese New Year as the reason this won’t happen. However, Saygus also says that their Q1 projection from CES 2016 “appears safe.”

When we first started writing this article our title read that the Saygus V2 release was now ‘confirmed’ for Q1. However, as Saygus says this timeframe ‘appears’ safe we’re still not fully confident. Another tweet from the US-based company appears to blame business differences with a partner as one of the reasons for the delay, although that will be scant consolation for those who have waited an extreme amount of time.

You can check out much more on the specifications of the Saygus V2 as well as features in our previous articles on it (linked to above), and we’re interested to hear what you think of the saga surrounding availability of the phone. Are you still itching to get your hands on this smartphone, or maybe you’ve now given up on the Saygus V2 release and purchased another smartphone?

Source: Saygus (Twitter)
Via: GSMArena

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