The New Ulefone Metal Goes on Pre Sale for $109,99


Just a couple of weeks ago Ulefone warned the world about their upcoming wonder smartphone, the Ulefone Metal, which was announced to debut featuring a finger-print sensor and an octa-core architecture. But the greatest quality of the device as per today’s news is its price, as the Ulefone Metal just went on pre-sale with an incredibly low price tag. If there ever was a definition of a budget friendly droid, this is it folks.

Just to get an idea, the Ulefone Metal will be offered for (way) under $150 and that’s absolutely amazing, considering what this droid has to offer. Just think full metal body and 3 gigabytes of RAM, I mean what other company can beat this price considering the specs? Ulefon claims (and I take their word for it) that their smartphone is the best in its category as they aggressively toned down the price. Long story short, the Ulefone Metal is available on pre sale for just (hang on to your hats) $109 and for this incredibly low price tag you’ll even receive some extra goodies, such as a flip case and a tempered glass protector, which combined make for a $20 bonus.

Basically, the Ulefone Metal’s asking price is $90 if you do  a little math and that’s absolutely amazing in this writer’s opinion. Keep in mind that the Ulefone Metal features an unibody full metal jacket design and under the hood you’ll find a Mediatek system on chip (MTK6753), i.e. an octa-core (8 cores) architecture, together with 3 gigabytes of RAM, a five inches wide display (HD res) and a Sony-made 8 megapixels sensor (interpolated to 13 MP), a fingerprint sensor and a beefy 3050 mAh battery.

If you can think of another smartphone with similar specs/build quality under $200, please do share the info, because I can’t think of anything remotely similar. The Samsung Galaxy A5 comes close in terms of specs but it costs approximately $270, which is more than double.