Google Play Newsstand app gets revamped for Web Debut


If you love to stay up to date on the latest happenings in the world, your mobile means news is a tap away. Finding good sources is trickier, which is where the Google Play Newsstand app can lend an assist.

Like many of Google’s apps, the Google Play Newsstand app is linked up to your main Google account. The new app is easy to peruse with scrollable categories across the top for things like Top News, Sports, Technology and Entertainment among others. Seeing what is going on in the world is as simple as firing up the app and looking at the main screen, but you can tailor things to a degree including notifications.

If you want to adjust your feeds, you can do so through the Library section which allows you to alter your sources. The app is smart as well, so it will pick up on the types of stories you enjoy and make sure to include them in your feeds once it learns your habits. Multimedia has also been greatly enhanced and improved for mobile use. If you prefer your news on a larger screen have no fear as the new Google Play Newsstand app can handle that as well.

google play newsstand app

Google Play Newsstand is now available through a new web app. Again, it’s synced up to your account which gives you a seamless experience whether you are browsing on your mobile and switch to the web or vice versa. Just like it’s mobile counterpart, the web app has a clean style and looks to be easy to navigate as long as you’re savvy to the icons.

When it comes to apps, you never know what you will get from Google or when you’ll get it. That is especially true for updates as this one has been a long time coming. The Google Play Newsstand app is something plenty of folks forgot about, but something you’ll want to pick up now that it’s been revamped. The app is available to download for Android or iOS if you are on a mobile or you can opt for the web app on PC’s and Macs.

Google Play Newsstand for Android

Google Play Newsstand for iOS

Google Play Newsstand Web app


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