Samsung Galaxy X1 appears under model number SM-X9000


Last week, an interesting leak appeared involving the Samsung Galaxy X. Little was known about the smartphone, but today new details may have surfaced on the Galaxy X1 along with the model number SM-X9000.

We aren’t exactly sure what the Samsung Galaxy X is yet or if it truly exists. The previous leaks were what would refer to as “sparse” giving very little information on the unannounced Samsung smartphone. Well, not much has changed a week later but a new leak may have given us some model numbers and a new name with the Samsung Galaxy X1.

The leaks comes from an error log posted to Weibo so you’ll want to take it lightly although it could be legit. A user from the Far East under the moniker Meng Meng audio-visual posted information from an error log from a device with the model Samsung SM-X9000. They also mentioned “firmness and flexibility” along with the Samsung Galaxy X1 moniker. The second device follows the same path but with the model number SM-X9050 and is dubbed the Samsung Galaxy X1 Plus.

samsung galaxy x1

The model numbers combined with the previous leaks mean one of two things if the Samsung Galaxy X line exists. The company is either going to unleash a brand new product line or we are going to see something “unique” from Samsung with the Galaxy X. Whether that is a flexible device or one with a truly bezeless display remains to be seen although our money is on the former, no the latter for anything sporting an X in its name.

As with the previous Samsung Galaxy X rumors, you will want to take news of the Samsung Galaxy X1 with a dose of salt. We don’t imagine Sammy putting the Galaxy S moniker to rest anytime soon which means the X1 could be the foldable smartphone it’s rumored to be. That said, we still have a hard time imagining a foldable Samsung smartphone arriving in 2017, but will keep our ears to the ground for any incoming news.

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