Google Pixel 2 renders show a Classy Glass future


Google ditched the Nexus line last year in favor of the Pixel Phone. It’s safe to say the Google Pixel 2 will eventually arrive, and today we’ve got a series of renders that claim to show what the future might hold for the lineup.

The Google Pixel 2 photos hail from the Far East and claim to give us a look at the device around 10 months early. That means you will certainly want to take this leak lightly, as it’s hard to imagine they have the design locked down this far in advance. Especially considering the Google Pixel audio issues which may nor may not be hardware related.

If the latter is the case, we could see some changes next year and we don’t know who will actually handle the manufacturing as well. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some slick renders of the rumored Google Pixel 2 and it’s rumored new redesign.

google pixel

Sleek would be the first word to come to mind when looking at the Google Pixel 2 renders. The handset appears to sport a glass backside, and while the fingerprint scanner is still located in the same area, the device now has chamfered edges. The two-tone design is gone as well with a new style that screams HTC in our opinion. That makes sense considering they went with HTC for last year’s model although they could easily turn back to LG, Huawei or another company in 2017.


As mentioned, while the Google Pixel 2 leaks claims to show the real deal, you’ll want to look at these as renders of a concept design. Until Google settles on a manufacturer, we have no idea what the next Pixel will look like, and things are always subject to change this far ahead of a release. That said, we like the look of this one, and would not be disappointed if the Google Pixel 2 carried a similar vibe when it hits the streets.

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