Raftr App launches as platform for Social Superfans


There is no shortage of news apps, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know how popular social media has become. The Raftr App aims to join those two ideas into a new platform for superfans and it has just launched today on the App Store.

The Raftr App is a creation from the mind of Sue Decker. Decker is the former President of Yahoo and someone who was more than a little perturbed the company never managed to get their foot in the door socially like Facebook and others. Many fans of the classic company felt the same way, as their mobile footprint is small to say the least. Raftr is launched to give superfans a home and looks to be an interesting way to connect with like-minded folks online.

Unlike a dedicated forum, the Raftr App revolves around the news. You can choose stories to follow as they unfold, get blogcast updates or pick and choose from your personal feed. The stories are laid out in channels which cover different areas like News, Entertainment, and Sports. Once you settle on something the content comes your way in the form of “Episodes” and “Feeds” which is where the magic happens. As it’s a social app, you’ll be able to add your pals from your contact list as well.

Raftr App iOS

The Raftr App allows you to communicate on those feeds and episodes in a Facebook-like setting complete with commenting and sharing, etc… As you’d expect, you have your own little profile where you can follow or be followed as well. The layout has a clean and stylish look, but we’ve yet to get our hands on this one to see how it performs and how active things are.

At the moment, the Raftr App is only available to download on iOS. If you are a news or media nut, it is certainly worth a look considering it’s free and the setup seems quick and easy. They are also looking for bloggers and content curators for their platform if you’re feeling creative. Hit up the link below if you want to take the Raftr App for a spin.



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