LG G6 rumors include Water Resistance and New AI


Another week, another fresh batch of LG G6 rumors to pick through. We’ve heard a lot about the unannounced LG flagship this week, and you can add one more rumor to the list as the handset may have a new AI assistant this year.

LG is set to be the first major player out of the gate with an Android flagship this year. While the HTC U Ultra and Sony’s new handsets certainly fall into the flagship category, LG has made their plans more well-known. We learned of the LG G6 heat pipes several weeks ago and got a nice top shot of the handset earlier this week. It will have a new style in 2017 if the LG G6 rumors pan out, but it will also have a new virtual assistant under the hood.

The LG G6 is reported to come with Google Assistant under the hood. It’s something fans of the Pixel and Pixel XL have grown accustomed to, and we expect to see it on more Android-based handsets this year as well. Apparently, they were considering Alexa but opted for Google’s AI as if felt more ready for prime time. The other big change will be the fact the LG G6 will have a degree of water-resistance due to the fixed batter and redesign. LG Friends, we hardly knew ye…

In a nutshell, LG is taking a step forward in the design department while still playing it safe so don’t expect anything nutty from the company this year. If everything lines out, the LG G6 specifications will include last year’s Snapdragon 821, but everything else will be in the flagship range. That includes the big display with slim downed bezels and the new look with a metal shell. You can still expect all the usual perks that come along with owning an LG flagship, and possibly a few new tricks as there’s always room to grow on the software side.

What do you think of LG’s flagship so far if all the LG G6 rumors pan out?

source – Cnet


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